Antipoodean Pooch

I've stopped training for the soccer world cup. Uncle Guus was going to have me run out at the final as the Antipoodean Pooch, but well, since Chipperfield missed his chips and Harry was out with the gout, I lost my shot at instant international stardom.
So now I'm dreaming about doing something at Wimbledon. I'm kinda good at being a ball girl, so I'll just practice a bit more this week and then post my photo and hopefully, Rafa will ask me to be his Poosonal Ball Girl. I would have loved to dash about on the dirt at Roland Garros, and of course the way the yard used to be, it was the perfect practice court. I was kept out of there, I think because She hates it when I bring dirt into the house. Now we have 'lawns' laid, She probably wanted me off that too, so I wouldn't rip them up tearing around practising chasing Rafa's heavy topspinners. She's kept me distracted with the dribbling and trapping the soccer ball right, but that novelty has seriously worn off. I do pretty well on hard courts with tennis balls, but everyone has to try Wimbledon, huh!
So Winona called and told me we Westies and Wannabees raised $195 all told. I think that's an Awesome Effort for An Inaugural Event! Thanks Everyone! Winona's Crew is having an Open Day on 9 July, so you might want to pay her Pack a visit for a fun day out and learn a few Seeing Eye Dog tricks. As our profile grows I'm sure more of our Clan will turn up to Wilston Westie Walkers events and we'll be the most Desireable and Generous Social Club on the World Wide Web and even Bill Gates will have to invite us to be part of his philanthropic empire to have any credibility.

I have started thinking about the Wilston Westie Walkers Christmas Event. Let me know if you have any ideas - it'll probably be early in the morning in late November so we don't become the Wilting Westie Walkers... Book your groomers appointment now Folks!


Thanks Everyone!

Well it was a Great Day Out at the Westie Walk. I was pretty tuckered out after all the preparation and meeting and greeting and doing the walk and the prize giving....It was wonderful to meet the Wilston Westie Community and the Wannabee's that showed up. Thanks everyone for making it such a success. Winona the Guide Dog is busy counting up what you donated, and as soon as she's done, I'll let you know how we did. I am going to put all the pics on the website for you to see. I hope you can recognise your Pack Leader's shoes, because well, She's not the world's best Pet Photographer...and you might not recognise yourselves!


Red or Blue?

So She finally cleared her diary and we had a Girls' Day Out. First we dealt with the new emails from registrants for the Westie Walk, then we had morning tea and then we went shopping! I needed another jacket because it's been raining so much, my jacket would get wet on the pooscapade and then I wouldn't have anything to wear to stay cosy and warm while watching TV. So off we went. The first store is a great deparment store - they have lots of stuff and everything is at eye level, allowing intrepid shoppers like me to sniff out any good buys and of course, try out anything that is within reach. The jackets were OK, we were looking for a fleecy one rather than a rain one, but they all had arm holes. Now, I don't do arm holes, so that whole range was ruled out in an instant, and of course, there was nothing in my color.

So I got to stroll around and visit with the kittens and birds and the toys and the treats and then we headed off to Pets Planet. Now Pets Planet are sponsoring the Westie Walk with a Prize and it really is one of the Better Shops. We got a nice welcome from the Staff because they recognised me from when I went to secure sponsorship. The jacket range was smaller, but they had a jacket in my size exactly like the one I've got, only it was blue. I don't know about you, but when you find a cut and style that suits, I reckon you should get 2 or 3 in different colors ....so that's what we did. Now I can't decide if I'm a blue girl or a red girl, but either way, I have a dry jacket when I come in from the rain at night now. Please comment on whether you think I'm blue or red...

I got to stroll the aisles of Pets Planet too and picked up a new non-skid mat for the living room. It looks as plush as the Persian Rug (tones in well too) and it's just for me! Also, now that I've mastered the "on your mat" instruction from whenever and wherever its issued, when I land with a flying leap on the mat, I don't get a slide half way across the floor...As much as They love snowboarding, it's not for me...at least not on a mat in the living room! The lady at the Fish Section thought I was the best behaved Westie she had ever seen and of course, She beamed with pride and made sure I demonstrated my repertoire flawlessly as I tested the mat. I was enjoying the morning, so I decided to cooperate.

After that we went home spent and satisfied and laden with packages. All good.... Later on the Pooscapade we did some running around on the field nearby and then we watched 24 on TV. I got to lie on Their laps and all in all it was a Dog's Day!


Counting down..

So now the garden is done (just about, the pond needs a bit of attention) I've been allowed in it to race around and poo and bark at Ruckus! Now Ruckus is the mutt next door who gets up my nose just by breathing. If he so much as goes g (that's the g in grrrrrr) I am off my rocker barking the house down. I get in a Lot of Trouble for it, and out come the BarkBuster training pillows, laundry lock up time and Very Deep Voices. But it's worth it - I always get the last word where Ruckus is concerned even if I am being dragged kicking and Barking to certain solitary. I do try, but you know what I mean, some dogs just get you, don't they...

But never mind Ruckus, I am destined to make a whole bunch of new Westie Friends this Sunday at the Westie Walk! I can't wait!! Ever since I got in the paper, I have been getting a lot of emails and I am So looking forward to catching up with my sister Cailan (I last saw her the day we arrived in Queensland about 18 months ago and boy, so we have some catching up to do....) meeting Jack, Harry, Maggie, Joch, Elsa, Jock, Hamish, Molly, Abby, Savannah, Junior, Pippa, Indy and Baxter. Then there are Westie friends Jack, Chloe, Charlie, Scotty, Eric and Elsie. Hopefully there's still bunches of others who will come on the day because it's supposed to be really sunny, but I'll be there rain or shine (weather forecasters have the cruisiest jobs, they say whatever and what can anyone do if whatever is something else; it's like make it up and perhaps what you wish for coincides with what happens or not...) because I have SO many prizes to give away, but like I always say, you gotta be in it to win it. But if you don't come, I'll have Christmas early...

So since it's like rained Forever, and I only just got a pooscapade squeezed in yesterday, but none today, so lots of playtime instead...you'll have to wait for photos of the complete yard. You'll see how much Fun it's going to be digging and exploring and barking and chilling out and well, I'll keep my plans a secret for now.!



I'm famous! And not because I'm in training for the World Cup either. I made p12 of the local paper plugging the Westie Walk!!And I got a comment on my blog for the first time from Albie, a Cairn Terrier in the USA!!!

My yard is almost done and I'm glad. The other day while the hardworking team was taking a break I went out to let them know how much I appreciated their efforts and you know, was charming them as I do, and so they started giving me food and I know I'm not supposed to take it so I didn't tell Her or anything, but then yesterday OOOPs - I refused my breakfast (chicken mince with veggies and alfalfa and my Secret Additives and omega oils - the Whole Lot, that She had slaved over for 5 minutes to get ready) and She nearly passed out! I haven't refused food for a looooong time... Anyway, its too much information to tell you what happened on my pooscapade that morning, and so I didn't get ANY grub until that evening. She didn't know what was going on, until today, She caught them feeding me meat pie! She was Upset... but at least She knows now it wasn't anything She gave me. And of course I feel a whole lot better now for not eating junk food.
Anyway, this is the before and the between, so stay posted for the after...


In training

I told you guys about my Million Paws Walk day out, didn't I, so here are the photos (belatedly as previously explained). Now the Paws Walk was training for the Westie Walk, and hopefully you are well advanced in your training by now, dragging your Pack out daily - its good for Them too you know, a walk with a Westie beats an hour not walking with a Westie. People smile at Them and say nice things about me, making Them really proud. And I get lots of praise for sitting at the roadside and ignoring dogs who bark at me when I go past. It's because those dogs want to be Westies and have fun walks like me, you know, so I don't have to bark back. So anyway, I didn't get round to making certificates like the one I got (see photo!!), but like I said, I've collected a whole bunch of spot prizes to give away and the good news is nearly all of them are ONLY for us Westies and our friends. I included some for your Packs, because well, we kinda need our Packs huh?

The photos came out really well, not only do they show my new friend Salty, but they show what it could be like if a whole bunch of Westies (and wannabees, do you see that Labrador trying to look like a Westie ???...and see me there in front leading the field!) showed up for the Westie Walk. Also, they show you how it's necessary to keep hydrated when exercising. Of course, I have my own portable drinking bowl which comes on long walks because I won't drink from a bowl with a whole lot of dog slobber in it. And I don't share either. But on the Westie Walk there are taps along the way for others to drink from and for Them to fill up my bowl. We have to save water these days you know, so They aren't going to just leave water lying around. If only those level 3 restrictions included a law for not washing dogs, I'd be wrapped, but it just says roofs and vehicles to be washed with buckets and no hoses for the yard. Except my yard can have 14 days of water because it's new and when Chubb's dad gets done this week, I'll be allowed in it! Can't wait to show you what it's going to be like. All the Larry Lizards will come back from vacation and maybe they'll bring some friends....


Pooting in the hours

Hello folks

Well, I finally got it done. I have nagged and whined and whimpered and so She has put a whole heap of photos on the Pooter for me to use on the blog. The first I want to share with you is my office. See this is me at my Pooter.

And this is me head down and tail up in research and strategising for the Westie Walk, ensuring my blog is readable, up to date and all the links work. Don't you hate it when you click on a link and it doesn't work? It makes me mad that people don't maintain their websites. I mean, who doesn't use the internet - I reckon that you got to be in it to win it, and so if you have website, that's a start, but it's not like a door, that you can lock and say "back in 5 minutes" is it? You have to be ready for the next hit 24-7-365, so its a lotta work for the website maintenance people.

He's pretty good at that sort of stuff, because its a bit like blended Westie packs (me and Them) - you know, I require 24-7-365 maintenance - so They've learnt the hard way, slack off on the maintenance and it's all down hill from there. I need food and water and shelter and pooscapades and playtime and grooming and quality time and treats and outdoor adventures and my Pooter; and I when I want it, I want it Now. She has similar traits, so She kinda understands. And so it goes with websites, you log on, you want the stuff or information and you want it now!

So I know you want to know what I am up to yesterday! And I will try and get it to you ASAP. But a pooch has to sleep. This is me after doing this post...See ya next time!


Campaign Trail

Well, since I spoke to y'all last, I have had some serious adventures!

See Chubb's dad and his mates have made a start on my yard. The first day I was so freaked out because I thought he was digging up all my bones and secret treasures and chasing all my Larry Lizards away. I moped and whined and complained and barked and cried, but after they were gone, She took me on a perimeter patrol and I realised everything was okay. So now I supervise from my poo patch and just let them get on with it. Concrete got poured today and I SO wanted to go and leave my Paw Print in it like a Hollywood Star, but She wouldn't let me...

Anyway, I have also been campaigning fiercely for more prizes so that y'all will come to the Westie Walk. I have got a great prize from Pure Bread and I am going to feature in the local paper. I had to use my charm 110% to get an appointment at Four Paws (my beauty therapist) for a wash, tidy up, pedicure and manicure this coming weekend so that I'll look good for the photo shoot next week! You never know what opportunities might knock. She's thinking of an international contract, sponsors and my own show....infamy and fortune!