Happy Birthday to Me

Hey there

I am 2! And I had a Big Day! I got presents - there's me unwrapping Cocky the Rope Toy Cockroach, and my Clam Shell with Balls so that They can hide stuff (for example liver bits and Kongs) in it for me to find to try and keep my Short Little Span of Attention engaged for longer... I also scored in the food department, with gourmet liver biscuits and I went on a long pooscapade with both of Them.

Now the other good news is that Zone Fresh agreed to sponsor the Dog Day Breakfast, and now there will be a sausage sizzle breakfast on the day for all your Pack Leaders, the proceeds of which will be added to any donations made to our sponsored Guide Dog puppies.

Its come to my attention that the early start to the Westie Walk is a challenge to some. Let me remind you that its not called Dog Day Breakfast for nothing! It's gonna be quite hot later... and my Pack prefers snow. See, I love getting up just as much as the next Dog (see bottom left), but when there's prospect of meeting up with all my friends and for a good cause, no contest!

So keep those registrations coming and remember there are 29 sleeps to till we all get together! Hope the training's going well...


Sister Act 3

First there was Whoopi, and then there was me and Cailan making Whoopi...

Cailan is my sister all the way from CelticBrae. We turn 2 next week (presents and good wishes are most welcome....) We came up on the plane together in the Crate which is now My Safe Place. She stayed with me and Her our first night in Brisbane, but then she went to live with her pack. She came to visit and play last week and I was very happy to see her again! I showed her my Adventure playground and made her chase me round and round and round the pond until we got dizzy. And then of course, just like Angus, she wanted my rawhide bone, but since she is my sister, it wasn't such a drama to let her have it and She gave me another one.

She also went into my Deck House which stores all my special artefacts and Rock Art that I collect from my secret- places-in-the-garden; I would have minded if she wasn't my sister... but she appreciated the stuff and after checking it out we just hung out until her pack leader came back.

He went with her pack leader to go hunting at my favorite spot. I am quite particular about what goes into my BARF diet, but He always manages to get my chicken wings and lamb flaps and veggies and mackarel. Since He hunts there so often, We have asked them to support our Westie Walk, so paws crossed they will. Anway She stayed to supervise me and Cailan because when we first arrived, Cailan tried to sneak under the fence, and He grabbed her tail just in time before she disappeared to yank her back. It would not have been a good look if her pack leader had turned up to claim her and there was no Cailan to be seen...

So Cailan's gonna come to the Westie Walk to meet all my mates. She's got a Scotty dog in her pack that's coming too, so maybe we can get international attention for our Westie Walk on a whiskey bottle


Dog Day Breakfast Goes Live

Hey Folks

Remember to check out the details for the Dog Day Breakfast. We've gone live and the media blitz has begun. He printed the Flyers, She called the papers and I'm going on the Campaign Trail for Sponsors for Spot Prizes.

Actually I was out on a regular Pooscapade the other day and it turned out to be a very successful impromptu Campaign Walk. We were strolling by Urban Bites, as We do, and the Lady popped out to say hello to tell me how cute I am - clearly I made a lasting impression the first time we met! Anyway, she offered to sponsor the Wilston Westies again, and so there you have it - more coffee and petit four vouchers to win when you show up! Thank you Urban Bites.

Then further down the road, a man in a Big Truck smiled at me, as people do, and said to Them that he had a Westie too. So She told him all about the Dog Day Breakfast and next thing you know, We got a photo of his westie called Molly and a guaranteed attendance at the upcoming walk.

So I learned some important things about being an important Philanthropooch. Its important to stay well groomed at all times (I grit my teeth to say that because despite the liver bits I hate being brushed every day!), and its important to be well behaved on walks (that's OK I get lots of liver bits) and its important to meet and greet on the street (I like making people smile)! I could become accustomed to Celebrity....

So folks, sign up and stay tuned!


Oh and just to keep you interested...

Now folks, just remember our next Wilston Westie Walk is coming up. Its called the Dog Day Breakfast and the preliminary date is 19 November 2006. We need to raise a whole heap of money for the R litter Ruby and Riley (remember, login is R litter, password is regal). Its gonna be real hot by then, so we're gonna get started early - at about 6:30 am at the Kalinga Park Dog Park north of Bertha St. Stay tuned...

Down and Out

I've been sick, that's why I haven't finished telling you all about my Sleepover with Angus. See, after I was so exhausted from the weekend's excitement, I started to cough. And it got worse and worse. She was beside herself with anxiety, so I had to go see Uncle Chris. Actually, Uncle Chris was on holiday and I had to see Uncle Scott. He's nice too, but when They said I was scooting (ya know, a little shuffle while I sit to scratch my little Bum Ole) he interfered with my person to check why - I did get a little indignant about that, but I was feeling pretty sorry for myself so all I could managed was a little yelp. Anyway, I landed up with medicine and now I'm much better although I still get tired quickly.

So back to my weekend. Like I said, the first day sorted out who was boss and it turned out we decided to share the Top Job. We also shared getting treats, reading the paper, and my daytime corner under Her desk. We played and slept and chewed and all in all we had a very civilised day. I think we knackered each other out after day One. But just before Angus' pack came to pick him up, we shared going for a walk with Them. I am much better trained on the walk than Angus, but he's a fast learner when there's liver bits involved and by the end of it we were trotting along like a pack of well heeled huskies.