Riley and Ruby

So you guys, Winona sent me a letter with a picture of Riley and Ruby, the 2 labrador puppies that we Wilston Westies have cosponsored by doing our Wilston Westie Walk and raising $195.

Winona tells me they were born on 5 March 2006 in Tasmania and when they turned 8 weeks they came to live in Brisbane. They live with puppy raisers now. You can check on their progress by clicking on the Co Sponsor update. Each litter has its own login and password. The R litter login is R litter and the password is regal - the webpages are updated with new photos and information every few months.



Hey Everyone

Here's the mat I picked out at the Pet Store a few weeks ago. It's good for playing and shaking and just having a good time.

The other thing I like doing is watching TV. I haven't worked out where the Animals that come up on the screen go to after putting in an appearance, but I always give them a friendly Greeting and invite them to come play. Over on the left there, is me and the pizza delivery dog having some fun before he ran away!

So I've been put back in School in the Advanced Class! It was good to be out on the field again strutting my stuff. It's fun - I always get special treats in School to make sure I do stuff and don't embarrass them. They make poached chicken for me and it's Real Good! My class mates are Jay the Italian GreyHound, Simone the Japanese Spitz, Darcy the Lab Cross, Lucy the One Blue Eye Border Collie and a Ridgeback. So She got all proud because even though I was new to the class and the smallest Dog, I did stuff on command. It's because there are so many Rules at home, the stuff in class was easy and I got chicken for doing it! And even though the others had been going for a few weeks already, I was the Star Poopil who did the off lead "come" from 20 paces, perfectly too, the teacher said. If only the Other teacher who called me ignorant during Level 1 was there to see me...wouldn't she be eating her words!

Now, I've had a little setback with my Pooscapades. I'm supposed to go before bedtime, but lately I've had to wake Him up between 3 and 5 am to go. He is getting a bit tee'd off about it, but I can't help it. So They are trying to reset my body clock, and it may turn out that I only get fed in the morning (I've heard Them discussing the options) So this morning, I took my lamb flap and buried it in the garden after I got given it. I had to have a face wash when He found me, but He didn't know what I had been up to. Later, I dug it up and hid it in my house on the deck. This is me burying it in the back corner for later. It sure tasted good covered in dirt 'n all when I finally tucked into it!



Sorry about the pootracted silence, but the pooter is undergoing an upgrade and I have not been able to get online. Hopefully He'll get it done soon - I have lots to tell: I'm back at obedience school in the Advanced Class; the money we raised on our walk is going to the R litter; and a whole host of other Stuff. Stay tuned....