Makeover Maggie

Hey Dudes

So you know how its getting like real hot and its not even 1 September? Well I complained a bit and so I got to have a makeover just in time for summer. See that's me BEFORE on the left and that's me NOW down below! Cool huh? Now hopefully I won't need to get a bath so often. Also, I can see better now, so I have lots to bark at!!

I haven' t been to School for 2 weeks. Last week was Show Dog day and all the teachers took their well trained pooches to be in the Obedience Competition. One day I might get to go, but I don't think it will be any time soon. They have found a new Dog Park to take me to with Very Nice Dogs in it, so I get quite distracted playing with all my new pals and don't always come, actually that's never come, when They call me to go home. The last couple of times They have taken me out into the nearby field and have practiced quite hard to try and instil a more reliable response in environments other than the classroom. What They haven't figured out is I need poached chicken to be obedient at all venues... This week I didn't go to School because I was having my hair and nails done at the Groomers.

So She's working on teaching me a New Thing to do - I got a new toy out of it, and I get treats every time it comes out to work with, so life's not all work and no play. I'll make sure to get a picture of it and show you...

Oh and just so you know, I'm doing my bit for water recycling. I get fresh water twice a day before meals, and She empties the old water into a watering can and then when the can's full, She waters all the plants around my Poo Patch.


My New Adventure Playground

Finally, my yard is complete and I like nothing better than to race around the water feature (that's me by the water feature) and sniff the grass and explore the rock garden (that's me leaving the rock garden) and find secret treasures (and leave them....)

Well this is going to be short because its only the 3000 gajillionth time I've tried to publish a post on the New Wireless Network He has tried to install it on Her new Pooter and it keeps disappearing. Noone thought to leave the old Pooter out and connected for me. Hrmph. I'm the only one with anything important to say, after all.

I had my teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago and now I've got Pearly Whites to die for. Also, as I told you, I'm back in school in the Advanced Class. Last week we were doing an exercise and I got to go last (none of the teachers at school ever think I can do anything and always leave me until last...) and I did the stay, come from 20 paces, drop in the middle and complete perfectly, so much so that everyone burst into spontaneous applause! I like making Her proud - it's worth it for all the bits of chicken I get as treats during class for doing the Right Stuff. And I get to see all my friends there. Its so much fun!