How Pooscpades came to be


Well, I mentioned before I have a lot of free time, but I'm not just another blog junkie. I have lots of important things to say, that's why I bark a lot, and since I learnt how to blog by sitting on His knee while he was working on the 'Pooter, I thought I could make a really important contribution to the world by blogging. See, She is very interested in philanthropy and corporate social responsibility and social justice and the like, and I thought what an opportunity to integrate my growing repertoire of IT skills with a voice for dogs. I mean we have to live in the world too you know, and I'm not some ditsy little cute fluffy blond thing (well, actually.... I am that too when I need to be) I am a Westie with a mission. There is stuff going on everyday that affects me too.

Anyway I digress. Everyday, either He, She or They (depends who's home when, but I like it best when the pack's together and its They ) take me for some walks. See, being a bit of Princess, I Absolutely Won't poo in my own backyard unless I absolutely have to. That's despite him slaving away last summer to make me a very nice paved backyard with a "Poo Patch"

Anyway so I get taken out to poop in the morning and when I ask to go. In the evening I get the job done on the walk. (For the record, I pick my pee stops carefully too, but I can pee on command.) Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago She came home from work at 3 in the morning, there was a full moon and daylight saving stopped so I got confused about what time of day it was. Since then I have had to ask to be let out about 3 am. They have been quite gracious, but are understandably tee'd off. So after speaking to Uncle Chris (he's my Vet and I'll tell you about him some other time) my meal routine has been changed (I get great food, will tell you all about that too) and things are looking up. My poo clock is being reset and for the last 3 nights I have been able to hang on until the morning. I'm sleeping better too!

So He referred to our outings as pooscapades, and it's stuck. And I thought, cool, that's what I'll call my blog and tell everyone about my adventures and raise issues which affect us dogs.


Pedigree, that's me!

Since I know you love me already, I thought I'd tell you how to get a dog just like me. I come from Celticbrae Kennels where they know a thing or two about breeding championship Westies for showing! Anyway, I was lucky They wanted me, because when I was 8 weeks old I was packed off to Queensland in a crate with my little sister. I'm glad because now I don't have to be bathed and brushed all the time and I can chase lizards and roll around in the grass and dig in the garden. I do cooperate occasionally for a bath, because it's a good way of getting a play with the towel, and being brushed is kinda like a game of chess, She holds the liver jerky with one hand and tries to brush me with the other....hmm I try to keep it interesting.

Anyway we must have got flown up Business Class; noone disturbed us and I don't remember much because I slept most of the way. Must have been something in my dinner. They picked us up at the airport and the next day my little sister went to live somewhere else. But I got the crate! It's great - when They say "in your crate" I know it means I'm going to be chauffered somewhere exciting. At night I sleep in it because it's my place!



My name is Maggie and I am the smartest West Highland Terrier in the whole world. As a consequence, I also control the lives of two grown-ups with remarkable ease. Yes, two university educated human grown-ups with a mortgage. Look who's laughing now... after puppy preschool, they packed me off to school as soon as I had finished my shots and I barked and misbehaved through 2 levels of Dog Obedience (even though I was called ignorant at the time) but it's all paying off now, I tell ya. I finished strongly with my "High Five" which got me my certificate for Level 2, and now I do tricks for food and all sorts of other things get rewarded. And of course, I still bark when I feel like it!

I thought I would start a blog, 'cos well, you know, I have a lot of free time while the grown-ups are out hunting, and He leaves the 'Pooter on ALL day, and what's a girl to do except chase the mouse around the screen! So I figured I may as well be productive, 'cos I know a lot about just being a dog and stuff.

Maggie Rules!