Easter Feaster

Hey Everyone!

Well you know what a soggy Easter it was. I was bored stiff and downright cranky, but then they don't call Sunday Sunday for nothing do they? Easter Sunday was a cracker - it started off grey and grumpy, but as the clouds started to clear, so did my mood.

I knew something was up, but They weren't giving anything away. On Easter Saturday, Both of Them were in the kitchen. Now that in itself is strange, because She only goes in there to make food for me, and She's not allowed in there for anything else when He's around. Long story, and it's a boring one...so I won't bother! Anyway, it was pretty exciting, because all I had to do was lie down, stay still and look cute and I got treats the entire day! They're so easy! But I still didn't know what the fuss was about, and as long as the treats kept coming, to be honest, I didn't care.

Easter Sunday, it was the same deal - after my brekkie, lots of kitchen activity and tidying up (which is Thursday stuff, not Sunday, even stranger). Worse, I got tossed in the tub! Although that was coming, I could tell by the tilt of Her nose the few days prior - what's a dog to do when it rains so much and gets wet and a dog has to go outside to attend to things. If I had wanted to get wet I would have gone out and stayed in the persistent rain, but She sweetened the deal with liver bits and a hefty tussle between us with the towel when the deed was done, which is always fun!

Then, luckily for me my Sunbeam escaped from behind the clouds and I could dry off by toasting myself in its warm embrace (eat your heart out, Snoopy, how's that for a cracker of a line). Sunbeams mean lizards, and lizards mean hunting, and hunting means barking for help, and all of a sudden when things were falling into place, the doorbell rang and who was it, but Uncle Paul, Aunty Kim, Tiffany and Marlee-Jane!

And just as soon as we finished chasing each other around the house, the doorbell went again, and who was it this time, but Uncle Brian, Aunty Janet and Molly!
And just as soon as our jaws hit the floor in surprise, the doorbell went a 3rd time, and who was it, but Aunty Trish, Indy and Scarlett!

And just like that, the Usual Suspects were together and ready to wreak havoc! I could see it written all over Her face: "What was I thinking??" We had a blast - there was jostling for attention, frantic investigating, political positioning for BBQ treats and some rowdy rought and tumble in my Adventure Playground. By now my Sunbeam was smiling broadly over the entire Playground Planet and we pee'd and poo'd and played our little hearts out! At one point I got in trouble and got my lead put on and tied to His waist until I "settled down", but in my defence, its My House and I Rule, although She says I can't apply that Rule at home and everywhere else I go visit. But it doesn't stop me trying... Aunty Amanda knows that from Wednesdays, but she was up the coast ensuring Eric, Elsie and Max were receiving all the pampering pooches need at their personal beach house on a long weekend.


Just grumbling along...

The diagnosis of Writer's Block has been upgraded to Lack of Interest. Grumble. Nothing much happens around here, and apart from meals and arrivals, there isn't much to get excited about. Grumble. My soapbox is soggy from all the rain, and I get in trouble every time I bark my opinion about something. Grumble.

OMG! It's Easter already. Hmmm. It's Very Quiet around here. Eric, Elsie and Max have gone up to their fabulous beach house for some R+R. She's working and He's doing what He always does - park me in a corner while He works away on His computer. Hrrrmph.

I suppose if I really think about it, there have been a couple of Highlights. Firstly, a few weeks ago, Aunty Amanda noticed that I always take over Max's personal resting space when I'm over there, so she decided to give it to me. It's not as if Max ever used it, and anyway, it was my way of telling him I'm in charge, even if it's just over him. It was a very generous and well informed decision, as is always to be expected from Aunty Amanda, but She says I'm just attention seeking. That's because it wasn't any fun to use it in my own house, because I wasn't displacing Max. Anyway, when Jock was here, he wanted to use it, so of course, I let him. Jock is a whole different dawg to Max. But after Jock left, I finally claimed it as mine - clearly a desireable piece of furniture - and I insisted it get placed in the library. That means She and I now have matching personal resting spaces, where we can retire to read, write and relax, as the occasion demands. And woe betide anyone who wants to use it now... (except maybe Jock...)

The other highlight was chasing reptiles and amphibians around my Adventure Playground. I started on a tunnel, but She put paid to that. She said if Brisbane City Council wanted me to connect with the North South tunnel, they would have put out a tender for the addition and made me submit my plans for approval.

As I understand it, indiscriminate digging with no end (or reptile) in sight is not going to be tolerated, regardless of my engineering skills. As a consequence, I paid the ultimate price!