Winter Westie Wardrobe

Well, I went to see my personal stylist last week and we were in agreement - black is back! This is my chic, timeless Audrey Hepburn look... I think the resemblance is clear!

I really enjoyed my visit with Teagin at Four Paw. I made lots of friends on the day too. It's one thing to have to go and have your haircut and a bow put in, its another to have fun doing it. There are always plenty of other pooches who are suffering the same fate, but we all play together after the deed is done. Some pooches get to go to Teagin just to play and have fun though, can you believe that?

I'm no stranger to fashion shoots this year. Unfortunately, this one didn't coincide with a makeover like the one I just got, but I did get tossed in the tub for it. See, I'm raising money to make sure my photo gets into the 2009 Pet Calendar opposite my birthday week. The calendar raises money for homeless hounds. In July I'll be reporting on how much money I will have raised in the first 6 months of 2008. It's going well

Anyway, now that I have set the haircut of the season, as a discerning pooch, you might like to do the same. Teagin can be contacted on (07) 3369 5175. Now I don't give her number out to just anyone, because she is the best personal stylist a dog could have, but I figure, those pooches who want to know what I'm eating, where I'll be walking and who does my hair and so on, read my blog and will benefit from this valuable bit of information.

The bow thank goodness is a distant memory - it lasted only as long as it was necessary to get the shot, but my haircut can be seen on Sunday at the Redcliffe Million Paws Walk. See you all there!


City Cat Tour

Lately, I haven't felt much like walking. I dunno why, I just don't wanna. She's adamant I get my exercise though (I hate it when She thinks I have to walk as far as She runs each week; it's ridiculous, I'm a dog...) but anyway, I need a Pooscapade every afternoon because I just Won't Poo on my Patch in the afternoons. And that's that.

So She takes advantage of my need for a Pooscapade to trick me into a walk. She tempts me with the City Highlights Walk, which is that... and much more. On this particular route, I get to hunt City Cats ( that's poetic licence for Kitty Cats) or sometimes they hunt me.

First stop is Harry. He doesn't mind if I make my poo at his gate or if I leave pee mail. He's an old cat and we rub noses when he deigns to come to the fence to say hi. He likes me. Sometimes I walk past Harry as if I haven't noticed him, because mostly, he ignores me no matter how friendly I am. He never hops down from his sunbaking spot to come see me at the gate.

His Pack Leader brings him his meals at the required time. What service... I have to wait silently and obediently for like ever, before I get the nod to tuck in.

Next stop is the orange cat up the road an around the corner. I have only seen him from a distance, but he's a cool color. Sorry, you'll have to click on the photo to see him better.

Third stop is the black cat on the corner. He comes after I turn left then left again then race down the road to the stairs, and then along the road again to the corner. I start checking under the parked cars after we get to the bottom of the stairs. This is a very smart cat. It took me a while to realise he's often at home, although under the car parked out front, rather than sunbaking on the bonnet of the abandoned car in the garden like Harry. So far, I haven't seen him before he's seen me first, so I have to be more subtle in my approach. She's usually flying out behind me on the end of the lead gasping for breath as I sprint along , so I think it's Her fault he hears me first... It's unfortunate that the best city views are along this street, but finding the Kitty Cat is the priority mission here!

There's another cat if I go left out the house and left again towards the ducks. I Hate that cat. He is very handsome, even She says so and She Hates cats more than I hate that one. One day, there I was trotting along attracting smiles and comments and second looks as I do and being friendly because like She always says I have to treat others as I would like to be treated, and I sensed this cat under a parked car. So of course, I shuffled forward to sniff it out, and it darted out snarling and hissing at me. I yelped and lept back to hide behind her leg and do you know what, it chased me viciously. So she scooped me up and got me out of harm's way. I don't like that route anymore. I always feel I have to look over my shoulder now...