Big Night Out

Last week as anticipated I got hauled off to the cleaners. I got a green eco-friendly bow, so I don't mind too much that She made me share the photo op with you. It didn't last much longer than that though... straight into the bow bag. She insists on collecting them - She's like Imelda Marcos and her 1060 shoes. Although I guess if She opened a Maggie's Memorablia Museum, I could use the money raised for Philanthropoochic endeavors.... But the prospect of 1060 visits to the cleaners? Don't know about that!

On Saturday night I went out for dinner! I was invited to Bonnie and Kenzie's house. Of course, They had to come too, because well, as accomplished as I am, I can't drive and it was too dark and drizzly and far away to make my way over there on all fours. But They were pretty well behaved overall, and only interfered when I tried to eat Bonnie and Kenzie's food or bones. We chased possums and did some investigating and playing and behaving for treats. I'm not accustomed to staying up late though, and I got a little cantankerous. That's when She decided it was definitely time to go...

Needless to say, I was exhausted and when it dawned grey and wet on Sunday morning, getting out of bed was decidely difficult. I dutifully performed my ablutions, but I gave border patrol a miss. Sunday breakfast is always good and I scoffed that down no problem. But the effort, on top of last night, was too much for me and I mooched around in a bit of an exercise haze. It's a zen like state of bewilderment that follows an extended period of concentrated activity. I collapsed in the inelegant heap shown here, where even rolling over was mission impossible. It lasted the whole of Sunday... although I did perk up enough to squeeze in a walk between showers and made sure I got my dinner! Luckily it was the shortest day of the year, so that happened sooner rather than later and I could settle down on my purple heart blankie and snore my way through the news.


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