Liquorice Outta Sorts

Hey Everyone
My best friend Eric caused a bit of kerfuffle last week when Uncle Brian, about to embark on an Important Mission by aeroplane, left his suitcase zippered and waiting while he and Aunty Amanda went for breakfast. Eric had dutifully (and strategically) helped with the packing, so he knew that Uncle Brian hid his favorite liquorice snacks under the socks under the pants under the shirts so Aunty Amanda wouldn't know.

So while Uncle Brian and Aunty Amanda were tucking into scrambled eggs on toast at the local cafe, Eric unzippered the bag, scrambled the clothes, and made light work of the whole packet of liquorice - wrappers and all! Needless to say, he was toast - the consequences he suffered were far worse than any trouble he might have gotten into from Aunty Amanda if he hadn't gotten so unwell. Instead, she had to race him to the vet at 1 am and he stayed there for 2 days getting patched back together.

Poor Aunty Amanda was beside herself; it not being the first time Eric has eaten something he shouldn't have. When he comes here to play, Eric stakes a vigil at the door of the pantry because that's where the bin is kept. She knows to keep it closed, because there isn't anything Eric isn't capable of getting to or eating...

I have tried to teach Eric to hunt lizards when I'm over there, but what with him being the Master of Fast Food and Available Appetisers, I guess I have my work cut out for me. I still have a lot to get right myself with the lizards, but I practice a lot. Hunting lizards requires vigilance, patience, knowledge of the prey, fearlessness, subtlety, quickness of foot, agility, and help from Her when I need it. These are not things that come in packets...off a shelf...

Anyway, Eric got whisked off to the groomers to get his hair evened out. The vet had shaved him in all the wrong places to put in drips and take samples and stuff. He looks like a GI now, but before I could ogle at him, he was taken to his beach side retreat for some R+R. He sent me this picture.

Aunty Amanda bought him this jacket, to keep him warm, but he steadfastly refused to wear it, and so, Aunty Amanda who has tried to give me clothes before, generating the same response, decided I could have it. But this time, I WILL wear it! In fact, I'm dreaming of running around in a paddock catching the sheep that donated their coats for me to be so cosy.

And what with the lovely toasty bed Max rejected and Aunty Amanda also gave to me, I'm going to be the toastiest dog in town. It is finally winter here, and for the couple of weeks that it lasts, I'm loving this coat, and my bed! Especially since I suspect it's soon to be my turn to spend the morning at the cleaners for my winter styling!


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