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Hey Guys

Apart from being a successful Philanthropooch, I am also, as you know, a Pooter Literate Pooch, who blogs on a regular basis. But its no good to sit in front of a Pooter all day. So I thought I'd share with you some of my more high tech means of keeping myself entertained in between blogging, sleeping, eating, barking and organising fundraising Westie Walks. (see previous post for a wrap of the Walk)

First, there's the Puppet Show put on by the birds outside. Cirque d'Soleil has nothing on these guys. I sit spellbound in the comfort of my own living room, while the performance proceeds. They have to wait until the lighting is just right, so their silhouettes will form perfectly in my viewing window as they dance, preen and flutter away singing at the top of their voices.

Afternoon Puppet Show

Second, there's the Reality TV. I can sit and watch the world go by through my perfectly positioned wide screen. Its amazing how enthralling arbitrary activity can be. I can see all the lizards and bugs and birds and people and dogs going about their daily business. Sometimes I might offer my opinion about what they're doing, but She always tells me to keep quiet and mind my own business. Which is fair enough, since my business is important to me. I occasionally leave nose prints on the screen because when the action gets too close, I get a little excited. She kindly sees to it that they don't stay long and blur the next session.

Third, there's the Interact With Nature Program. Now that it's warmer, I get to play this most evenings. Some bug or other comes to play (uninvited of course) and They call me over to play until it can't play anymore. I'm always willing to oblige because I get quite a lot of fun out of it for a while. Usually it stops playing with me after being tossed about, but there's often another one who comes over the next evening.

Finally, there's the Intrepid Explorer game. Now that the Rock Garden is well established, I get to go hunting in it on a regular basis. There have been a number of creatures in the Rock Garden, but they have been particularly elusive and as yet I haven't managed to get one to play with me. Its my favorite thing to do, because I can keep an eye on what's going on through my Poo Patch fence and then when They let me out into my Adventure Playground I head straight for the Rock Garden.



Hey Everyone

So this was me a week ago, hot, bothered and in desperate need of an appointment at the salon

Did you say

And this was me a few days ago - all glammed up and keen to show off my new do at the Dog Day Breakfast!!!

Ready for walk

And this was me today with my recently groomed friend Booker who had his photo in the City News to promote the walk to city folk

Booker and Maggie

Thank you all SO MUCH for making it such Big Day Out. I'm pretty tired, what with all the preparations and so on, but I just had to share with you what a great event you all made it out to be just by showing up and eating!

Winona the Guide Dog

Winona sure enjoyed herself watching us Westies contributing to such a good cause.

Winona and Angus

And this was everyone today enjoying the Walk. That's Winona and my friend Angus out in front (remember he came to stay for the weekend...) and then there's me and Booker behind Angus and little Alfie is from my school

Sausage Sizzle

And this was my Pack Leader along with Angus and his Pack Leader cooking up a storm.

So you guys, altogether there were 36 Westies and 10 Wannabe's that showed up today. Sadly, there were 16 Wilston Westies who wanted to come, but whose Pack Leaders must have thought it was too early to join us on the day! Happily, there were 11 other Westies that I didn't know were coming, who did come along to meet and greet and join the gang.

Harry the Pommie

A special mention of thanks to Harry, the Pom - Wannabe- Westie, who has a very busy Pack Leader, but was able to persuade him that Westies are the best friends you can have and that he just had to be there !

You all raised $350 which I will be forwarding on behalf of us Westies to sponsor Ruby and Riley (login: R litter; password: regal) tomorrow. Hope you had as good a time as I did and that you remember to buy Christmas gifts at Urban Bites and get your Christmas dinner from Zone Fresh. Click here to see all the photos from the walk and feel free to add your own. Remember to let my Pack Leader know when you want to meet up again for a casual stroll and when I recover from all the excitement, I'll get it sorted!


Guess what, guess what!!!

I've been having some fun with the balls I got for my birthday. They scoot and pop up all over the place when I'm chasing them. Its great - I've squashed a few, but there's a lot more...

OK so its nearly time for the Westie Walk! Things have been pretty hectic. We picked up the prizes from Wilston Vet and there are some really good ones - remember you have to be in it to win it! We have sorted the sausages for the sizzle from Zone Fresh and they smell real good; but I promise to leave enough for y'all...maybe...

And I got to be a celebrity pooch - the team from the Northside News came for my photo shoot. Unfortunately my appointment at the stylist is only for next week, so I look my best on the Big Day. So instead She brushed me till I shone (I sure earned that liver bit) because next week was going to be too late for the publication deadline. Then I had to do every trick in my book for the photographer (I got lots of cheese for that, so that was pretty satisfying) - it took him a while to get it right, but you know, I understand - I have several "good sides" and he had to capture them all just right so as to make sure the Best One goes in the paper! My friend Booker had to do the same for the City News and we will both be in the paper next week promoting the walk. I hope lots of Westies are inspired to come. She explained to the reporter how the best thing about us Westies is how we make people smile wherever we go. She also told them how we raise money for Winona and her mates

So last weekend my Best Friends Eric and Elsie came over for a play date. One of their Pack Leader's is away on a work assignment and the other works very hard. They get a Pet Sitter to come everyday for some company but its not the same. They seem a little sad. So I got my Pack Leader to get them to come over and we had a good play. I had to share my treats, but thats OK - when I go to their house first thing I do is eat the food in their bowls