My Vacation

So previously on Pooscapades....

Getting there and finding Life's a Beach.

At first, there was the odd moment of hesitation...

I wasn't exactly sure who I might meet, or on what terms.... (that's My pawprint on the left)

But then I discovered Scum Bubbles are good to play with and they make the scary pawprints disappear

My first face to face meeting with a Bush Turkey didn't go too well. I dragged Her along the road and up into a rockery in pursuit. After the dressing down I got when She finally caught Her breath and dignity, I decided some restraint was necessary the next time a Bush Turkey crossed my path. Indeed, so restrained was I, that a local who owned 2 Westies himself came over to comment on my Good Behaviour.

In between Pooscapades to the Beach and local Coffee Shop,

I made myself at home on the corner of the sofa reserved for Doggie Visitors clearly demarcated with a special purpose Dog Rug. This Dog Right is not part of the Dog Bill of Rights in my house, so it was something I indulged in for oh, lets see, about 8 hours a day; from when We got back from the morning walk, until it was time to go on the afternoon walk. From this post, I could sleep uninterrupted

Watch the English lose the Cricket

Supervise all activities, including most notably food preparation

And spend Quality Time

Occasionally I ventured out for some sunbaking, although strict rules applied to prevent sunstroke

All in all, I can't wait for my next Beach Holiday!


Pooch Overhaul

So about that vacation... I got to experience the other side of life!

First, there was the surprise early afternoon snack and a visit to the Dog Park. I knew something was up. There were bags packed, including my personal backpack with My Stuff. Then, there was the looong trip in the car and we arrived at a place I have never seen before. That made me kinda excited. They tried to give me my own room but it was dark and scary. I soon organised that my crate was placed in their sleep space by barking mournfully. It took longer than I would have liked, but They relented and I felt a whole lot better.

It also gave me the opportunity to decide for myself when They had to get up, which was about 5:30 every day so I could go for a walk. The Beach was a Whole New Experience for me, but it didn't take long to get used to it.

I really like the Beach: it has all the amenities a Dog could wish for. There was also fresh water to drink at the end of the Outing and No Fence. That made the Pack nervous, because I have been known to ignore Them when I'm having fun and They are often just calling me to prevent me getting into unexpected trouble.

Anyway, the Ocean was Big Attraction. Free, Happy and Endless Possibilities....

See next post!



Hello Folks

Well, following a busy year of organising walks, photoshoots and PR, fundraising and setting up the Wilston Westie Walkers Community, I demanded a well earned Vacation.

We went to a place far away where I have had all sorts of fun which included meeting people, lots of exercise, interaction with native wild life, fresh air, food, TV and sleep and I will tell you all about each in the next few posts. Suffice to say I am well rested and looking forward to the upcoming Holidays!

In my spare time, I have been working on a website especially for the The WWW Community where y'all can talk to each other between Westie Walks and exchange photos and Chit Chat and Dog Stuff and see what's happening. As soon as I have it all figured out, I'll be inviting you to join in if you are on the Mailing List my Pack Leaders have been compiling for me at the Westie Walks held so far. If you aren't on the mailing list and want to be included, you can email me at the "Contact us" here

Stay tuned for tales of my Amazing Vacation!