Taken to the Cleaners

Hrrmph. I was ignominiously taken to the cleaners last weekend on the pretext of an outing in the car, which I might add, despite my best Pleading Performances, have lately been largely ignored. So when the command "In Your Crate" came, I danced around in glee with several delighted yaps (at the risk of a stern reprimand) to emphasize the point that such trips had been few and far between!

Anyway, it didn't take long for the disappointment to sink in when I recognized where we were, and although I love Teagan at 4 Paw, I would really rather play with her under different circumstances.

Fortunately, there was another Terrier (not a Westie, but he'll do as a very distant cousin, being a Yorkie) pooch already there, who made me look positively excited to be there!

Teagan puts bows in my hair and They don't tell her not to as part of Their thing of trying to have the last laugh with me. As yet, I haven't figured out what to do about it, so I endure the obligatory photo and the Bow Collection that is unfortunately growing alarmingly and will no doubt be used at some point in my future to make a point about something. See here how the bow matches my Purple Heart Blankie - it's hearts, but red ones, which ain't bad. My raincoat is red and my old collar has some red in it. What can I say, on the up side, red suits me.

She was looking forward to a couple of dog free hours and seemed to have a long list of things to be done in them. She gets ambitious like that, and always threatens that no doubt some other sucker would think I'm cute as pie and offer to take me home if She didn't show up to collect me. When She sees the "horror" on my face (gets Her every time...hehehehe) She tells me not to worry, it would only take as long as I took to start barking before their disappointment would sink in and they'd return me to Her post haste.

She also referred to the time She was talking to Her friend on the phone bemoaning the fact They can never get away for the weekend because of me. Her friend offered to look after me and exclaimed "She can't be that Precious!" Now understand this phone conversation was going on while I had Her holding my rawhide bone for me, so that I could get really good bites as I chewed it. Just so you know, it is a pain when the thing keeps falling over between my paws, and I often take it over to Her to get assistance!

I have also had a few cool trips though! One was to drop Their old snowboards at the Salvos. They got new ones last year and these have been the garage for a while. Well, as She was getting back in the car, a man who packed stuff saw them and said "Look here, snowboards! What's anyone in Brisbane going to do with those?" That's exactly what I thought, but was too polite to say, especially when it meant a trip in the car!

Then I had a Really Cool one, although the oxymoron only became apparent when we got there. There's this esplanade that's been revamped and They saw it on a bike ride one day and She pedalled home as fast as She could (included clipping His back wheel in Her haste and landing in the bushes for Her troubles) to tell me about it and promised to take me there the next day. Fortunately She didn't break anything except Her bicycle and so we were able to go. It was a nice long ride and we had a Very Long walk.

It was So Hot though, I got lots of water from all the specially placed taps and could shelter out of the sun at the lovely pavilions while resting and gazing out to sea. Although there's no beach, it really is a Great Spot and if She hadn't been working so many weekends, She would have taken me back for sure!