Last Bark of 2008!

Well I've been cruising along in December. The weather's pretty ordinary - not a day goes by under 30 degrees, which makes walks a chore! The lizards are out, but it's hard work catching them - the heat impairs my judgment and agility.

Christmas is Bah Humbug around here. Here, the belief that a bit more humbug benefits us all by forcing us to reevaluate what we do and assume, led Them to decide that my well used Adventure Playground required an upgrade for 2009, and so, Bless Their Cotton Socks, They ordered 4 cubic meters of Tea Tree Mulch on Christmas Eve, and bravely spent Christmas Day remulching for me. Tea Tree also repels fleas, so apart from its garden advantages, its good for me too!

So the next unanticipated Christmas adventure around here was the advent (hehehe) of Jock, a Fellow Westie with a diametrically opposite personality to me. He's the Westie version of Crush and I have a Big Crush on him.

I let him lie on my blankies, go through the door first...

I let him play with the toys and sleep in my room.

I shared my treats with him and waited (and waited and waited - he's the tortoise to my hare) for him on our walks. He's as laid back as I am hyper and as quiet as I am loud. Truth - he didn't bark even once the entire week he was here. Go figure! They wanted to trade me for him on that fact alone...

Life's been pretty quiet around here generally. Eric, Elsie and Max are up at their beach house and after Jock left, despite the lack of action even while he was here, I was exhausted from the excitement and so, along with the heat wave, I've been lazing around, conserving energy to think up all the blogs I have to publish next year to deal with the economic crisis, the dawn of the Obama era, and the crisis of global warming. All the best for 2009 folks!