Million Paws Walk

I had a great day out today! After my initial freak out and subsequent urgent poop, I settled down into an obedient trot ready to meet all my mates down at registration. The organisers changed the start venue and the route along Redcliffe and it was awesome. There were shady places and playgrounds and water stops and all in all it was just the best fun!

I met up with Salty again (seen here on the left with me) - last year she made me feel right at home because at that time Westie Walkers didn't exist and my freak outs in large crowds were spectacular, and seeing another Westie made everything better.

So it was good to see her again, only this time, she joined me because a lot of my own friends were there - Jessie (see below on the left) who had "coffee" with me a couple of weeks ago, and was looking a million bucks with her new clip

and Bronson - Happy Birthday for today - he turned 1 and is still a bit camera shy

and Mac and Millie and Wilson

and 2 of my oldest, most adorable friends (with very trendy collars) who I haven't seen since the Dog Day Breakfast, Abby and Savannah (seen here below).

We know Piper's Pack was around, but they were attending something else and we also met Bonnie who's mom is Princess Elizabeth (although unfortunately the 3 Princesses weren't there today) and who's Pack Leader had a great Westie T-shirt (available here) but who got separated from us Westie Walkers

So I had a good sleep in the car on the way home and at home.... and I woke up to meet my Westie friend Minty and her Pack on the sidewalk while He was raking up leaves and then I had dinner and wrote this post and I'm going back to sleep...


Water Wise Westie

I put these photos up for 2 reasons: firstly to show my water saving bucket

and secondly to show that even when there is a huge great big bone I always eat my greens first and my bone later....

The reason I have taken so long to write a post is that I am trying to establish a tradition of WWW titles to my post. Its quite hard, and I spend a lot of wrestling with words to come up with punchy alliteration - WOOF bet you missed that one, the w is silent in wrestling - to keep me amused and powerful in the market place! (see at the end of the article under The Name Game)

Now if you're new to my blog, it (my blog) came about after my Pack Leaders set up the Wilston Westie Walkers (WWW). Of course, I had to find a way to share with my fellow Westies my Pooscapades (afternoon walks in the Wonderful Wide World during which I poop, deliver pee-mail and come up with ideas). Fortunately, I am Pooter literate and so my blog began just over 1 year ago. Every now and then I think up a WWW title and I thought it would be cool to try every time. Clearly its not working, but I don't give up that easily...

So as I was saying, I am just plain out of vocabulary for the all important WWW 3 letter acronym to describe the host of adventures I have recently had that I really do need to share with you. I decided that in the interests of just getting a post on line, I would take a new approach - instead of trying to fit a title to my topic, I would fit a topic to my title. So I have a developing list of intriguing WWW titles and I present to you my first effort: I chose a topic that was important to pets, people and the planet.

So here are my 3 water saving tips specifically for Westies:
  1. when your water is being replaced, make sure They pour the old water in a bucket so when it's full They can water the plants
  2. pee on your patch - every drop counts
  3. run away when you see the bath