My Friends are My World

Hi there

They are the luckiest Doggie Owners in the World because They have me (if I may say so...), and I am the luckiest Westie in the World because I have so many Wonderful Friends.

First there's my NBF, Max. I love Max and follow him around unashamedly. Last weekend he got tossed over the fence with my Best Friends (and his brother and sister) Eric and Elsie to play for a while. I chased him mercilessly and it didn't take long before he stood at the fence and asked to go home for a rest....

After that, I sat forlornly at the fence waiting for the next time I could flirt with Max.

But then, my prayers were answered and to my delight, I got to have a 3 day vacation at my favorite destination, Next Door - where Elsie, Eric and Max live. I could barely contain myself at the prospect of 3 whole days with them!
Its because there are like No Rules, I can go on the furniture, I get fed before the sun goes down, and I can pick whatever bed I like (even if it's their Pack Leader Amanda's).

In preparation, She packed my bag with all my personal items, prepared and labelled all my meals for each day and typed up a list of My Foibles (I was only allowed one page because Amanda has to look after 3 of her own dogs and I was told that I had to be on my best behaviour otherwise I wouldn't be allowed back for my weekly play-dates). Then She said the Magic Words - "In your crate!"- and after I complied without a moment's hesitation, She took me and all My Stuff over Next Door and left me there without a backward glance... I think I'd like a matching luggage set for my next birthday...

The 3 days flew by in a blur. Elsie, Eric, Max and I had the best time ever! I haven't slept so well in months. And Max shared the couch with me!!! But then They appeared, and I was kinda happy to see Them. I don't think They could have lasted much longer without me. It's not like They were off snowboarding or anything. But no sooner had I accepted I was back to Life With Rules, when the 3 Magic Words came up again!

Yup, 3 hours later I was off again! And where to? The Westie Walkers Simply Social 2 for 2008. We didn't know how many Westies would show up because noone actually emailed me and said they were coming. But I couldn't believe it when 42 other Westies, 2 Honorary Westies (Chloe and Perry) and 2 Wannabe Westies showed up! It was Awesome!!!

But best of all, my old friend Angus showed up having survived an Alsation attack when he stuck his nose under the fence just being sociable (as you do...). Luckily he only needed 3 stitches!

My new friend and namesake Maggie who was "lost" for nearly 5 weeks and then found came to meet us all was there. She sure has some special social skills Angus might want to adopt when encountering Big Black Dogs...

Now, unfortunately, He was left in charge of the camera while She and I met and greeted everyone, so I didn't get all the photos I needed. So because I can't show you, here are some special mentions:

My friend and fellow Westie Walker Nolan acquired an older brother Whiskey, who needed a new home, and came along to meet his ready made bunch of buddies.

And Pearl and Puppy Lotus spent nearly 2 hours in the long weekend traffic just to join us for the walk and then go home.

So all in all, it was a Whopper of a Weekend and the best thing of all is it's already time for my weekly play-date!

See ya.


My NBF's!

Well, as you all know I'm a very sociable pooch and after eating, barking, chasing lizards and sunbaking, making friends is what do best!

Just when Onslow and I had clean run out of ideas to stay entertained, They took me to the New Farm Park Fun Day organised by New Farm Vet Surgery. That's not my personal vet, but I thought I'd mention them because they went to such a lot of trouble to organise such a great day for us pooches.

That's me checking out the stalls,

the trees

and leaving pee-mail so that everyone knew I came.

She had told all my friends about it on the website, and so of course, I felt right at home amongst all my Westie friends. There were Big Dogs and Ugly Dogs and Cute Dogs and Dancing Dogs, but best of all, I finally got to meet Pippa, a Westie who's journey from the UK to live here with her established group of pals has been well chronicled on the site.

And, just when I thought things couldn't get any better, my Best Friends' (Eric and Elsie) Pack Leader decided to adopt Max. Max has come to stay next door before, but this time, he's staying for good! First when he used to come, I wasn't allowed to go play because I was a little bit ...um...boisterous for the wee fellow, but now that he's gotten used to me, we play all the time. And now Eric and Elsie can't tease me because I can play with Max!

On Saturday, She got the shears out and took to my Adventure Playground with a vengeance. She said so long as the shears were out, Eric and Elsie and Max could come over to play. So they got tossed over the fence and it was So much fun... Max is a bit shy, but as soon as I can get a picture of him, it'll be up here for posterity. He's got a spiffing new collar and tag and he's getting his teeth done too. It sure will turn out for little Max, and I'll be there for him every step of the way!
When He got back from hunting, He was a little startled to find half the garden in the garage and the 4 of us running wild, but it sure is easier to find lizards, and we got to play for quite a while! Now Max is my NBF and I've been waiting patiently for 3 days at the fence for my turn to go play next door. Roll on tomorrow!