Westie White Wash

Hey Folks!

What a wonderful turnout - 32 Westies for a Simply Social Walk on a Long Weekend!! Give yourselves a Roll in the Grass for that...

I had the Best time catching up with everyone and it's great to see all the Puppies that are now big enough to walk with us - Scarlett, Piper, Abby and Fergus and all the new Westies that have found Westie Walkers is where it's at - Pickles, Buddy, Opal and Angus. And a huge welcome back to the Prodigal Westies Molly (B) and Jasmine. If you're a Hot Westie, you're a Westie Walker for sure.

And let's not forget Westies' best friends - Chloe the Honorary Westie (who is yet to miss a walk!)

and the new wannabe Westie (Silkie Terrier) Chloe.

A review of the walk and all the photos will be up on the Westie Walkers Website soon. But right now, I'm going to chase some lizards and have a nap!


Celebrities Support the Writers Strike

Now that my scriptwriting Hollywood colleagues are nearing a breakthrough I thought I'd pen an entry. I was holding back because I thought they should have some support. After all, its not easy coming up with good ideas that entertain people all the time. Of course, my life is so interesting, everyone ought to know about it, so I don't have to think too hard about topics. What makes my blog special, as my legion of fans is aware, is not only the spin...but the infinite variety of topics I am an authority on!

Like last week, I ambled out onto the deck to survey the neighborhood and I was nearly rendered speechless. Yeah me, speechless - not possible you say. Well you're right. After a protracted pause, I barked my head off. She came running out to see what I was on about, and of course, I was forgiven because there, 2 yards down (that is on the other side of Eric and Elsie's yard) there was a horse.

I kid you not! See there - under the tree. I also blinked twice because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was flabbergasted herself, and declared that She didn't know that an 800 square meter block was acreage! Well, given that my own Adventure Playground, full of wildlife and plants as it is, is 400 square meters, it seems pretty obvious to me that 800 square is big enough for a horse.

Anyway, Eric and Elsie's Pack Leader went over with a bag of carrots and stuff and found out the new addition to the neighborhood is called Shorty. Shorty has diabetes and needs some extra TLC, so that's why he's here on vacation.

She introduced me to a horse about 18 months ago, but I found it a little intimidating. We were at a park and the policeman was sitting on a horse. Of course, I just had my nose to the ground following interesting smells and I came up to this rather odd looking paw that moved. I caught a bit of a fright and looked up and up and up and up....it was so big, I put my tail between my legs and tried to run away. She picked me up telling me it was alright and held me up to the horse's face, but he was a bit scary! I mean, his nose was as big as me - I might be a Big Dog in a Little Dog's body, but that was a bit much.

I'm braver with TV horses - I'm bigger than them. Over the Holidays, there was a lot on TV about horses because of the equine flu outbreak. I can go right up to them and tell them (loudly) to either play with me or go away! Usually, She presses the Remote and they magically disappear. She always mutters something about wishing the Mute button on the Remote worked on me...but so far, no luck on Her part! Hehehehe


It Never Rains but it Pours

I'm 3 and a bit and I have Never seen rain like this before. The paper said that there is no drought: the weather systems have all changed and we'll just have to get used to hot, dry conditions. Well, admittedly that's a few 100K south of here, but up until (hmm when did the sun last shine? I can't quite remember, but it was last year...) a couple of weeks ago, the same could be said for here. But now, it just won't stop raining and I have not had a decent walk for days!! And it doesn't look like getting better any time soon. I just lay on my deck watching the yard get soggier and soggier. And I hate having to pee on wet grass in the rain!

Consequently, She has found it hard to keep me entertained and exercised. I worry a lot that She'll reduce my food allowance to take account of my shortened and infrequent walks. Yesterday I was desperate for a Pooscapade and asked very nicely. They took me but on the way back a shower came through and we got soaked. I refused to walk because the puddles were deep, there was a hurricane up my behind, and I couldn't see from my wet hair dangling in my face. So She grumbled at me, but She carried me under the umbrella He was dutifully holding (She's a princess too) until the shower passed. Let me tell you, none of us were happy!

My toys don't do it for me by Day Whatever number it is....

So She asked Eric and Elsie's Pack Leader if there was a spare hound that could come over and play with me. See, little Max is having a vacation over at their house while his pack are elsewhere, so there's 3 of them and 1 of me. Poor little Max is a somewhat neglected pooch and he is a little bit unsure around other dogs. Over the years, when he has come to stay at Eric and Elsie for vacation, he gets all his meals and lots of play and cuddles, but he has a very sad face.

Unfortunately, I disgraced myself on Wednesday when I went over to play as per usual with Eric and Elsie. I got very excited when He dropped me off first thing in the morning. I was a little boisterous and got into a blarney with Max and Eric joined in and the fur flew and the barks got louder and within minutes, I got shoved straight back in my crate and unceremoniously dumped back at at home all by myself as They dashed off to work (now late) for the day! I admit I deserved it, but I was ready to make amends - after that many days of rain, with no walks and no play date, I'd do anything for some 4 legged company...

So Eric and Elsie's Pack Leader offered for Max to come play. Now Max had come to play before, but it was my chance to make up for the other day, so I did. She supervised a bit, but then Max and I had a great time for a few hours.

After Max went home She took me on a road trip for my alfalfa supplement, so I got to have a walk in an undercover car park after the shopping was done. She also made me run up and down the stairs practising my "come", "sit" and "stay" for turkey treats. It's quite a high intensity workout, but the reward is worth it. It also meant I need an afternoon nap while She grumbled about the state of the floors as She cleaned the house - a week of rain with a dog doesn't need much explaining...

Anyway, then I asked nicely if I could go hunting for Larrys for a while even though it was drizzling. She said OK and let me out into Wet and Wild (My Adventure Playground as I knew it has been transformed). Unfortunately, I turned up looking like this (see left) and She wouldn't let me in the newly cleaned house.

Fortunately, He showed up soon after, took me for a short walk and tossed me in the tub so She'd let me back in! So now, I'm clean, the house is clean and my slate is clean for having played nicely with Max. And I'm knackered and I got all my dinner and so now I'm going to sleep!!