September Adventure

Well, I missed September altogether! But not because I was lazing away the hours, I was Very Busy doing dog stuff!

First stop was Teagin who returned from holiday to wave her magic wand and re-discover me under all my winter layers. I had to suffer the bow indignity again, hoo boy!

I didn't make her task easy, getting in some good days of hunting with the extremely warm weather which inconveniently came before my haircut. In the course of the chase of a particularly slippery lizard, I took to the destroying the plants.

But I did enjoy myself immensely!

It was hot, and I tried hard to stay comfortable before my haircut.

Second stop was a Simply Social Walk with all my Westie Walker friends at New Farm Park. There was a great turnout with everyone looking very glamorous and shiny, clearly having been put through the same re-discovering ordeal as me.... successfully!

Third stop was a much awaited vacation. It sounds idyllic, you know, eating, sleeping, hunting, sleeping, walking, eating, sleeping interspersed with barking, treats, cuddles, playtime, staring vacantly into space, watching TV and so on, but the routine can wear me out. So She arranged a vacation for me at Aunty Kim, Uncle Paul, Tiff and Marlee, where I do all the same stuff except in a different location and importantly, there are a lot less rules!!! So I sleep, but on the bed; and I eat, but I get Schmacko's treats; and I play, but with Tiff and Marlee; and I bark, but I carry on until I get my way and so everything's the same, but better! Thanks, Tiff and Marlee, for letting me be Top Dog at your house too!

Fourth stop was a return home, much inspired to put paw to keyboard. But despite the fact that Aunty Kim washed out my color rinse from the dust storm, when I got home there was another one. She is beside herself, frantically cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and contemplating moving because She thinks She'll never get the house clean again.

And then there's me... every time I venture outside to hunt in the dust, I come back a darker shade of orange. I've been checking out my handiwork from before the vacation too. Eventually She tossed me in the tub and gave me a very thorough scrub! Actually, I feel a lot better for it.

Bring on the summer of lizards! I have been practicing on the flies...