So it finally happened! www.westiewalkers.com went live - isn't that amazing!

I have been so hard at it, what with refining all the details and staying up all hours to launch before Sunday, I had to delegate some of the final tasks while I had a little power nap.

Or took some time out to puzzle life's little conundrums...

But it got done, and just in time too, because its our next Simply Social Walk coming up this weekend. There is going to be a bumper turnout, so practice answering to your Pack Leaders' calls, otherwise you might go home with the wrong one...

And don't forget to USE your new website, put up lots of posts, make suggestions, plan a Westie happening and turn up Sunday ready to walk the walk!


Angus and Easter

Well folks,

This is about my weekend with Angus. How My Space

became Our Space for 3 days

Last time he came to stay, we spent the first day sorting out who was boss. This time, we skipped the pleasantries and got straight down to the business of vying for treats for good behaviour.

He took a shine to that rollerskate I mentioned before that They brought for me that I never liked. He exhausted himself playing with it, which was quite amusing. He got to take it home on Easter Monday.

He kept trying to take my spot at Her feet when She worked at Her desk. So He formed a Boy's Club with Angus and Angus got to make his own spot at His feet.

Sometimes Angus was a bit boisterous and I had to take some time out in my Sunbeam.

Or go play by myself with my Blankie

While he exhausted himself playing with all my toys

Every now and then he took a break

Or we had a good old fashioned play together

But mostly we had the best time!


Catching Up

Hello all

Well I have LOTS to tell you!

Firstly my friend Khan who needed a home now has a new home and a new name. His name is now Eddie and his new Pack Leader is a friend of Wilston Westies Molly and Angus, so now he's still in the Wilston Westie Community! Isn't that great? Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support and participated in the endeavor to find Eddie (aka Khan) a new home!

So moving on to the second bit of news, cos it's related - its time for our next Social Westie Walk and its scheduled for 22 April 2007 at 16H00 (that's 4 pm) at Kalinga Park Dog Park where we had our Dog Day Breakfast (see my November Archives post 20061119) and our last social walk. My Pack Leader has been recruiting Westies at every opportunity - when we're out walking, when we go hunting, and when She's out running. So hopefully, we'll have a few more Westies joining our Social Circle! Today She paused to greet a Westie while out running and the Pack Leader said "You're the Westie Lady..." need I say more folks, Westies Rule! Anyway, we really want everyone to show up cos we're hoping Eddie (aka Khan) will be there as Dog of Honor and we can all give him a cuddle and a play!

Speaking of play, the third bit of news is that my mate Angus is coming to stay for a few days over Easter. Hopefully he'll remember who's Boss from his last sleepover! I'll keep you informed of developments...

I've been doing some training in preparation for Angus' visit in case he's forgotten how things work around here with my other friend Onslow. Onslow only plays with me if I ask nicely. He lives on a shelf in my house and if I lie down quietly under it and ask, he comes down to play. So while Angus is most welcome and I Love having playmates, it's my house and I Rule!

And finally, if you think its been all play and no work, you're wrong. In keeping with my Philanthropic Vision, a Mission as always, is in development. Now you now how They go snowboarding (after being with me, that's what They love to do most). Well, They can't take me with unfortunately, so I have asked for a piece of where They go, Snowmass, to be named after me and proceeds to go to charity. So, I sent off my donation and hopefully, by next visit, there will be a paver with "Maggie The Philanthropooch" (similar to paver pictured) in Snowmass. I hope one day, to have my photo taken next to my Paver, just like on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

And that's all for now folks - Remember 22 April we're all getting together. Tell all your Westie and Wannabe Westie Friends! And keep reading my blog!