I'm Three!!!


I had a great Birthday! It wasn't a surprise that it was deliciously tender roast chicken breast, but it was a treat to get an extra large portion of breakfast! Then I got my present. She always wraps it, but then She hides treats in the wrapper and so I can't tear it to shreds in case I miss one of those on the way in...

I got this great colored ball with bits of rope sticking out all over it and its fun to fetch and tug and roll around with Them! She had stuck liver bits into all the folds, so they were kinda hard to retrieve. I spent some time personalising it of course, but now I do let Them play with it too.

Then I got a great big bone which took me nearly all day to whittle down to nothing! But I made sure They didn't come anywhere near me while I attended to its demolition. No way was I going to share that with anyone! I didn't make any bones about that either, let me tell ya... ggrrr!

When I was done I did need a long drink and a sleep though. She kept calling me Lamb Chop and said I smelt like one too. I ask ya, give a dog a bone... I wandered around in a bit of a daze from the Fat Hit afterwards, but I felt Real Good!

Then They took me to inspect the proposed Westies on Parade venues. That was two journeys. One on my birthday, and one the next day. I spent quite some time deliberating and all, because there were pros and cons to both, but I think I've made a great choice and I know we'll have a fantastic afternoon.

Here's my latest favorite thing to do. See while They eat dinner, I'm supposed to lie on my Purple Heart Blankie (see previous post for pic) and behave. I hang out, watch a bit of TV (that's another Whole Story) and try to stay out of trouble (not often successful - a dog's gotta bark and investigate stuff, huh). But when They're done, and are busy tidying up, I sidle up to the Dishwasher and have a good lick around. It usually pays off big time! Except of course, if He's made one of those Thai dishes with a bit of chilli, or the other day when I found a good spot on the door, but it was too close to the blue rinse aid... But 9/10 its real good stuff and I've been gettting away with it too, so I think I'll keep on lickin'! I'm not sure how long this luxury will last now that She knows about it. Hoo Boy - Another Rule!!


It's My Party!


October 20 is my 3rd birthday! Only 1 more sleep! She's been planning all sorts of surprises, but my nose knows everything... I bet I'm getting roast chicken breast (no skin) for my meals and I think I'm getting a Big Bone to chew all day. She's got me a present, but I don't know what that is yet. And Wilston Vet sent me a Birthday Card! I went to Puppy School there and they always send me one.

I've been pretty busy. Last month, Eric and Elsie got cousin Hamill to come stay. That's him up on the left. Unfortunately, Hamill got fixed at the vet, so he spent a few days recuperating with them. He is still a puppy and wasn't sure of his name. And despite his affliction, he had more energy than Eric and Elsie could handle. So I volunteered to play with him for a couple of mornings to give them a rest, and we had a blast! She tried to teach him to sit, but I cottoned on to that one and got lots of treats for setting a shining example, because he didn't exactly follow...

I also got a haircut in time for sauna. They always say there are only 2 seasons in Brisbane, summer and sauna. We had a scare for a week in early October that sauna was here to stay, but fortunately, its back to summer and I'm a lot happier. My skin itches so when it gets humid. Anyway, She took the opportunity to make fun of me and didn't tell Tegan at Four Paw not to put a bow in my hair. I am So Not a Bow Dog. Luckily for me, Tegan put in a purple bow, so I was content that my regal look would complement my favorite Purple Heart Blankie, from where I rule proceedings...

How are you all going with the bindies on the sidewalks! Ever since it rained for so long and I was dead keen to get out, it got warmer and now there are weeds and bindies everywhere! I will not place my precious pads on any green sidewalk any more, its tarmac or sit-and-sulk-and won't-move for me. No way on the planet I'm walking on bindies. But the good news about the warmer weather is all the Larry's are back! You know, Larry the Lizard. I see them sunbaking in my rock garden (She kindly toiled all day to cut the grasses to neaten it up to expose the rocks so the Larry's would come out and then I can go chase them...) and then She lets me go exploring. I do border patrol round the whole garden, and there are 5 spots I'm likely to get a Larry, but when there's a sighting, I go in nose and paws blazing! Sigh, I'm not Always successful at getting them, but boy, the chase is Fun!

Now, our final Westie Walk is coming up in November on the 18th at 4 pm. I personally prefer mornings in sauna, but She said not everyone seems to like getting up early, so We've decided that because we want a Bumper Turnout, we'll do it in the afternoon. So, book your grooming appointments, because we are going to be putting our best paws forward! You all wanted the Petographer to come and take your pictures, so he is!