Shaggie Maggie (aka Woolly Wonder)

Hoo Boy Folks,

It's not even 1 September and its way over 30 degrees C (that's 86 F for my overseas fan base)... in fact last week it was 38 degrees (or 100 F)!

Yeah, no kidding and to make matters worse, He forgot to schedule an appointment for me at the cleaners last time I was there, which was so long ago, I forgot I had to suffer the ignominy of the whole process (which includes a mortifying bow and obligatory photo op). Anyway, He called up about 4 weeks ago, because it was already getting hot even then, and Teagin of Four Paw was too busy and then she was going on holiday. So because I can't be trusted to any other groomer on the planet, I have had to wait until Teagin gets back, which is thankfully next week. I've been sweeping the floor ahead of me with my tongue it's been hanging out so far in the heat, and quite frankly, I've had enough of the grit!

Anyway, They've tried frightfully hard to alleviate my suffering, and a couple of weeks ago They came up with a Road Trip! They feel bad that Elsie, Eric and Max have a weekender at the beach and I don't, so They finally arranged with Aunty Amanda and Uncle Brian that I could go too. So on Friday evening, even though I had no idea anything was happening because I had my Pooscapade and dinner as usual, suddenly there was this flurry of activity. She packed my blue and yellow back pack with my bowl and my food and I knew this was gonna be good... Then, when everything was in place, I got bundled into the car and off we went. It's generally a lovely soothing drive (until the inevitable roadworks soon followed by the directions argument) all the way up there, and it wasn't too late when we got there. Boy was I excited when I saw My Best Friends; we had a good old chat about what was going down and settled down for scraps from the beautiful meal Aunty Amanda made for Them.

I got to sleep on the bed with Them ( Forbidden Behaviour at home - in fact, I don't even know if They have a bed, because I'm not allowed where ever it is They go after lights out). She didn't have a good night sleep what with me and Him occupying most of the bed; and I guess I do feel lucky I don't have to sleep with His snoring all the time!

The next morning we all went for a long walk on the beach. She had made chicken treats for me, so I was allowed to run and walk off lead, because well, I have to confess it's not worth running away if there's chicken on offer... and She knows it!

I went exploring

I tried to get the fisherman to show me how to do it, or in the alternative, give me some of what he got (no bites there...)

I took a moment to enjoy the moment

I took a rest (note aforementioned tongue!)

After the walk, They took me with to breakfast at the local cafe, and then I followed Max and Elsie's example because a place can be very comfy place when you're allowed on the furniture!

I lazed around reading the latest journals and watching Tiger play golf

and sunbaking

Eric was too busy requesting food as a reward for a good sit. He's looking hot after all his beach walks, but it sure makes him even more determined to find (or make) that elusive food opportunity.

Later as promised, They took me along to look at some real estate to see if there was a place I liked that They could get for me to have more frequent weekends at the beach.

I don't remember much of the drive home though, because it was late in the afternoon and I was all tuckered out. It's hard to be a ball of energy where you're hot and shaggy! Lately, my most important task of the day is to find the breeziest spot and play possum! Roll on Saturday, I don't even care about the bow any more...


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