Good grief! It's been a while since my last blog. The main reason is that life in my household was put on hold for Masterchef. Now as you can imagine, because there were 72 episodes, that was a significant period of time. And I am not accustomed to being ignored for that long. So long in fact, that even a turn on the Leather Chair went unnoticed...

Well, that's not entirely true. You see, Masterchef initiated a domino effect on the usual military organisation of my household. The first domino to fall was that He, as self appointed household Masterchef, is responsible for dinner. As long as Masterchef The Show was on, dinner could not be made or served at such a time that would interfere with the scheduled (nightly...) screening.

So the next domino to fall was Her, being the epicenter of household military precision organisation and pinnacle of aversion to anything that disrupts the routine as declared by Herself. The reason was that nothing was happening when and as it should because of Masterchef.

That of course was gravely compounded by the fact that He, immersed in all things related to food and cooking, became totally unaware of Her existence and didn't really pay attention at essential times, like when She's talking, which could now only be while He was hurriedly preparing dinner before Masterchef . In itself, not listening to Her talk is not really a new phenomenon, but that's a whole other story...
In any event, The Disruption of Routine was of a magnitude so grave, the next domino to fall was my regular Pooter access and I just could not get a blog in. That's because normally my best chance to get uninterrupted Pooter time is while They're having dinner. I have until the tinkle of cutlery subsides and the dishwasher door opens to think and doodle and edit and come up with my posts, because after that if I lie on my mat promptly I get treats.

What really annoys me is that I am already an online Celebrity Chef, having published episodes of Maggie's Kitchen long before all this Masterchef nonsense began. Here's one of my specialties - Moroccan Chicken Wings: chickpeas and avocado mushed up with my veggies and a chicken wing. Note how well it's been plated up too... very appealing!

In fact, I've decided I might make a new a new series called Masterpooch, featuring my healthy-baking expertise, which I indulge in from time to time to make treats.

That includes things like "Little Eataly Meatballs" (seen here in the making), "Pupeye's Grrreek Spanielkopita" and "Mad Dogs and Englishman" scones courtesy of the 3 Dog Bakery Book. They taste a whole lot better than stuff out of packets! And I think I should get my very own Pooter.


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