Wonderful Westie Walk

Hello Everyone

It was great to see y'all yesterday at the 3rd 2007 Simply Social Walk! There were new people too - Jock my mate from down the road (not really new, but hasn't been before), Hugo who just happened to be in the park when we all turned up, and baby Mia just 5 months old walking with baby Sophie, a Wannabe Westie (Mini Schnauzer) who might well make it to Honorary Westie like Chloe (Poodle) who has been at every Westie Walk bar one since inception. There was also Lachie and Jessie, whose Pack is new to Brisbane and made sure they didn't miss the opportunity to make friends, although they already know Nolan, who unfortunately couldn't join us because he was on Official Westie Business being a Team Mascot for his Pack. Then there was beautiful Lily, who has some seriously good tricks to perform. Angus, Frank and Ruby came and went but didn't stay because their Packs had Official Pack Stuff to do, and Molly, Abby and Savannah also missed the group photos because they had to leave early too. Check out the Website over the next week or so; He has been delegated the task of getting all the photos up there.

It was all just so much fun, I was Very Tired when I got home, but They took advantage of that and tossed me in the tub! The park was Really Dirty, Dry and Dusty and She said I wasn't going to be allowed in the house and on to the newly cleaned Persian Rug looking like I did (see left after a Major Shmoosh in the dirt). I do try hard to personalise the rug, and I was initially resentful that after all that work it had been taken away for 3 weeks to have every last vestige of my hair removed from it, but the Cup-Half-Full version is that I get to shmoosh and roll over and all that stuff on the rug all over again...

Anyway, I digress, back to the Tub - I didn't offer as much resistance as I could, should and would have, because I was So Exhausted. As a result, I am So Clean now, I glow in the moonlight! I did roll half heartedly on my Poo/Pee Patch, but honestly, all I wanted was my Dinner. I took myself off to bed after that, even though I missed licking the plates in the Dishwasher. I get in trouble for that, but its worth it usually!

I got a new toy last week. I thrashed my Old Favorite (see left) to beyond recognition - strands of rope had come adrift and it wasn't really recognisable. I was struggling to maintain interest in the rest of the Toy Collection, so She went and got me a similar one. Actually I think it was Her favorite toy, because She always wants to play with it with me and we have some serious games of Tug and Throw and Fetch. Occasionally I head butt Her in my determination to get the thing back, but the game ends soon after because She invariably bites Her lip accidentally when I butt. I'll get a picture up of my New Toy soon, although I sense the rope part again might be under threat...

Have a great day and keep reading my blog and put up some posts on the website for me about what fun you had and stuff!




I got a new collar! They went away for a few days and that was the present They got me. It's baby blue with flowers and sparkles. I also had to get a new name tag to match because my old one only matched my old collar, which I still have (see - purple dog). So last week She took me shopping and at the Pet Store I picked out the tag that would match the best (see light blue flower) and She filled out the paperwork for me to have it engraved with my name, City Council ID number, and His phone number, just like the old one. So today, on my Pooscapade, I went down to the post office and I got mail! My new tag arrived and She put it on for me and I have to say, the whole look is very chic. It goes very well with my indoor coat too, which I wear in the evenings now with the chilly weather. So now I have two options for matching outfits and accessories, depending on what color day I'm having...

No doubt you've all found it colder than usual for longer - can you believe we are actually having a Winter? He says there are only 2 seasons here Summer and Sauna, but this year, there is definitely a winter - well it's relative... They say there's no snow for snowboarding, so it can't really be a winter, but I've noticed that They put on fleece in the evening too now. Our neighbours bought me a Doggie Dooner because they know I sleep in the laundry and felt sorry for me. Not to be out done, They hauled out the oil heater They brought with from home years ago, and after dusting off the cobwebs and cleaning it up, have put it in the laundry for me. It has a timer, so She sets it to go on and off automatically depending on whether my Sunbeam is out or not. So what with my wheat pack, which gets warmed up in the microwave at bedtime, my jacket, the Dooner and the oil heater, I am a very toastie pooch overnight, and my Sunbeam does the job in the day!

And that's despite the fact that I got dragged off to Teagen at 4 Paw for a haircut. She did a great job as always, but especially considering the inexpert job Dr Scott did with the shaver for my operation ... Luckily he's a much better vet than groomer! Unfortunately, She forgot to remind Teagen that a. I'm not a bow dog, and b. even if I was, I'm not a pink bow dog. Hell's Bell's, I demanded chicken to lie still for a Makeover Mugshot - I really wasn't keen on being caught on camera looking like this; but there's a lot of things I'll do for chicken...