Wrapping up

OK, so you know how last time I was showing you what They didn't buy me - well, this time, I'll show you what They did. See, occasionally She leaves the Pooter on long enough for me to surf without inhibition, and I came across this site with cool stuff. So I placed an order, as you do, but the store wouldn't accept credit from Westies, no matter how cute or philanthropic they are, and my order got rejected. So bless Her heart, She organised that They go over there and hand pick items that I had left in my shopping cart:

First, my Purple Heart blankie - need I say more...its for winter to snuggle under. I sure hope winter comes soon, but that's not looking likely

Second, my color coordinated housecoat - see you may recall She bought me 2 jackets, one red and one blue (refer previous post 20060625). The jackets are fleecelined and waterproof and I wear them when its cold or raining (neither happen these days... so they don't get worn much). The idea behind 2 was if one was wet, I could wear the other round the house. Anyway, She decided that I would be more comfortable curling up in a nice, soft, fleece jacket rather than a stiffer, waterproofed one in the house, so we agreed on one that matched the color palette of the living room, which is where my above mat and blankie live. It did bother Her that the purple kinda clashes with the peaceful colors of the living rooom, but She chose the jacket colors and I wasn't budging on the Purple Hearts. Here's me reluctantly but bravely being made to pose in the heat in my new jacket for blogging purposes:

Next I got Henrietta and a rollerskate. I LOVE Henrietta - she's hideous, but she squawks and she's more robust than the chickens I've had before who never wore purple bikinis. She seems to quite enjoy Henrietta to, once She got over the purple bikini and red lipstick, and we often play with Henrietta together. The rollerskate I can do without, but She sneakily hides Kongs underneath it and I have to remember to look there...

Finally, They had a few days to Themselves in Snowmass but went to CB Paws, another fine pet store, and bought me a neverending treat, which tastes like chicken and is fun to lick for long periods of time!

OK so next time, I'm gonna tell you all about how the Wilston Westies helped Khan, a fellow Westie find a new home.


Global Economies

Hello Everyone

Well it's been a while. They went away on a shopping trip for me and while They were gone I didn't have access to the Pooter. They've been back a while too, but She had some things to do on the Pooter first. So now its my turn.

Here are some of the things They thankfully didn't get for me....

I think I'd die of embarrassment if She took me anywhere in that. I'm a dog with simple rustic tastes, I prefer my crate - see me resting comfortably between engagements while being chauffeured around in my own bed during a Traveling Pooscapade. I like to call it on a par with International Business Class.

Then there was the Clothing Range. I ask you, a dog with a coat as beautiful as mine (I heard Dr Chris say that yesterday when I went to get my annual shots) needs clothes? Well, She did say its possible that I would have needed this one after I got said shots.... and I do quite like the sparkle detail

And it is also possible that there would be occasion to wear either one of these when I'm barking or just temporarily allowing a Public Display of Affection

And these may be suitable for Dog Park Visits when the bindis are out in force and I won't walk on them because they prick my footpads and I suppose then again, the first T-shirt might finish off the oufit to good effect

But I suppose just getting any of these items on could prove a challenge. So lets move on to House and Home. Now as I said, I like my crate, and although this little Space Age design has been growing on me, I don't know how They'd carry it around

And of course I deserve a Royal looking bowl for any number of reasons, not all of which should be elucidated here....but try crunching on a chicken wing outta that!

In the end They brought me 5 presents and only one has failed to enthrall me. But hey, They tried. I'll get some pics of them and post them next time. In the meantime, here's me doing what I love most... being a dog