My first sleepover!

Hey guys, I hosted my first sleepover last weekend!

I had a trial run with a visitor about 2 weeks before, a wannabe Westie called Charlie, who is actually a Labrador about 7 times my size. Charlie stayed a couple of hours while He hosted a bookclub meeting, and Charlie's owner was taking part. I kinda ignored him because there was yummy food at the meeting and I was on floor patrol (no one's ever allowed to feed me even if I try my cutest looks - Her rules) and I often get lucky.... anyway, Charlie wasn't allowed in the house so I left him to his own devices in my poo patch. He tried to claim it as his own by peeing on my curry tree pot, but I had the last laugh because he couldn't fit through my doggie flap and he was quite easy to tease from inside!!!

Well I must have passed that test because last weekend Angus came to stay for 2 whole days. I met Angus on the Wilston Westie Walk and his Owners went away for the weekend. The first thing we had to do was sort out who's Boss (see above). Then we had to sort out who got My Rawhide Bone (see above); that wasn't so easy - Angus didn't understand it was My Bone. So I tried to enlist Her help with my Help Me Before I Start Barking look , and to Her credit She tried to give him a different one so I could have mine back. I tried to bury in My Yard when he wasn' t looking, but he kept stealing it back. So in the end we shared it for the weekend and She gave it to him to take home and I got lots of treats and hugs for being so generous with My Space and Things. I'm still pretty tired from the weekend events and all the Lessons I Learned, so I'll carry on with all our Westiescapades another day!