Temporary Update

Once again, I've had to resort to a quick wee blog to let you all know I'm Alive and Barking... Oh yeah, that's in case you hadn't heard me where you live...

She's not too happy that I dragged her dripping out the shower. I was having my say on the deck, and She had been for a run and kindly taken me on an unexpected early, neighborhood jaunt, so was deservedly enjoying a refreshing shower (not my favorite thing, but well, what can I say), when I joined in the local chorus serenading the hot air balloons as they fly over. When I went on a little longer than necessary, She emerged bedraggled and unimpressed and wrapped in a towel to dump a bucket on me, as She's been told to do by Tabitha. But of course, I'm adept at being quiet just as I hear Her approaching, so She can't give me the shower treatment. He wants to get me a Bark Collar, but I'm lucky because He's the World's Best Procrastinator, and He hasn't done anything about it. I guess I'm living on borrowed time, but in the mean time, I'll bark all I like when She's in the shower...

On the other hand, I'm so cute, and no matter how much She tells me I'm ugly when I'm wet, She can't get near enough to me while I'm barking to throw the water over me! Anyway, I believe such treatment is against Constitutional Principles in the USA, even Barack Obama says so, and I reckon She doesn't really have the heart to Actually dump the water on me, let alone put on a bark collar! But I am testing Her limits, make no mistake.


Hoo Boy... Confession time

This my Good Behaviour Pose. She demanded I get back on line and finish my August wrap up! She said it was all very well to tell everyone about all the fun I had in August, but that it wasn't complete without an honest account of all the trouble I caused too... So here goes.

The first bad thing I did was Not-Come-When-Called-In-The-Dog-Park. See She planned this whole girls' morning out and packed me willingly into my crate and into the car and down the road and even managed to sweet talk her way through a road closure (I gave a little yap from the back to back up her story that we were just going to the dog park and didn't know the road was closed). Anyway, we got there and She bundled me out and off we trotted to the park. Well, I got to playing and sniffing and peeing and checking out the other dog park visitors and just generally having a good time. It was early, and after a while the other dogs started to leave. She had already done a test recall to get me, and I flew across the park like a bullet to where She was standing. But She knew I was not on my best behaviour and I have to admit, I was feeling Very Cheeky. The long and the short of it was I wouldn't go close enough for her to put my lead on. She tried every trick in the book, but because I knew She didn't have treats, there was No Way I was going to obey. Eventually, and it was some time later because Everyone Else had long gone, She left the Park and hid to see what I would do. I did catch a bit of a fright because I didn't know where She'd gone, but not enough to make me come when She finally returned to get me. She got Very Mad! I was in Her bad books for about 2 weeks, and I tell ya, it wasn't pretty. Now She says, I love you (...but I haven't forgotten what you did in the dog park).

The second bad thing I did was up the barking ante to the point where She got Tabitha to come and tell Her what to do. Just as well, because after the dog park incident, I was this close to being left on the sidewalk with a "Will pay to take dog" sign, although She did say She didn't have enough money for that to be successful... Tabitha came for 2 hours and of course, I remember her well from all the levels of obedience class I was dragged off to when I was younger. So I was on my Very Best Behaviour and She couldn't really show Tabitha how bad I'd been. But after listening to Her for a while, Tabitha saw right through me and told Her what She had to do to make me curb my propensity to express myself vocally. So now I've been Tabitha'd and I'm pleased to report I've been working hard on Bark Control. And She says She loves me (...but She hasn't forgotten what I did in the dog park).


Mixed Bag

August passed by in a flash, and I was so busy enjoying myself, I forgot to share it all with you! Plus I had to wait my turn...

Early in August was my play date with new Westie friends Bonnie and Kenzie. We trekked over to the South Side to visit with them in their local Dog Park and met Patch and some other regulars. It was a wonderful outing and I had a lot of fun with the li'l one, when she wasn't having a good ol' sniff up my behind... I guess that was the price I had to pay for digging up the bones in their garden and eating them all myself, but hey, I never turned a good bone down!

After all, I had been given my own bone a few days before... I chewed on it all day and buried it in a great spot in the corner of my adventure playground. I offered to show Her where it was and I proudly dug it up and thought I could get away with hiding it my bed, but She wasn't having a bar of it. She took a photo for posterity and promptly took it away. Fair enough though, I had had a huge Fat Hit by then and really needed a sleep!

Then there was the Sunday Family Breakfast outing. They took me to the beach, and after our walk, we had breakfast at the Full Moon Hotel.

Thoughtfully, they have a section cordoned off for people, so They could come too, but I could enjoy myself without being interrupted. I brought my spinach and lite cheddar bites to go with my water, while They had toast and coffee.

After He saw the quality of my quiche, He took it upon himself to have a Bake Off. So, He took the opportunity to do some good, and baked cupcakes for the RSPCA. It took Him ALL afternoon, but He had a lot of fun! Being the inspiration, I have to say He achieved a very good likeness - I sat quietly for hours to ensure accuracy with every detail (and of course, be Floor Supervisor...). Unfortunately, though, I wasn't allowed to be part of the Quality Control Team, no matter how cute I tried to be. Of course, when She took them to work to sell them, they sold like Hot-Cupcakes!
And to cap the month off, with the warmer weather, Larry the Lizard has resurfaced and I am all over him like a rash. I've been stalking him for days, and today, BINGO, I got him! I am glad Summer's here, I can hunt with purpose!