Paparazzi'd Pooch

Well, its not as bad as Paris Hilton's infamy, because of course I have tons more class and I am a famous Philanthropooch , but some photos have surfaced on the internet of me on vacation! So, I thought I'd post them here, because, well actually I'm quite proud of the luxury to which I became somewhat accustomed at Uncle Paul, Aunty Kim, Miss Tiff and Marlee Jane's... In fact, I reckon, the more She sees what is considerd the minimum to be provided for of a Philanthropooch of my standing, the more likely I am to see improvements at home. I had The Most amazing vacation imaginable! I was feted like royalty with play time, TV time, garden time, walk time, meal time, spa and beauty packages, cuddles and access to luxurious bedding and sofas whenever I demanded. It's not that these things aren't provided to me at home, but I ask you, how can you compare this....

to this...

I know I look pretty regal in this photo, as you do when you are the sole occupant of a large and Very Comfy sofa from which you can command others to do your bidding, like, lets see, change the channel... so I was secretly pleased when She saw this picture given that I am not allowed on Their furniture unless I'm on a lap, which you know, is not always conducive to a good stretch and getting comfy, and also, since I'm on the lap, They can't go and get me stuff without moving me, which essentially just totally defeats the purpose! Why, I ask, is that so hard to comprehend, along with the fact that the thing I treasure most after food, hunting lizards and sunbaking, is my Personal Space. Now, on This sofa, Personal Space was never at issue... How can you compare it to this (even if you are getting a tummy tickle)?

The other place I was surreptiously snapped, was in my attempt to blend into the background (actually it worked better if I had just had a beauty treatment as opposed to a vigorous search for the local lizard population) and enjoy the ultimate in luxury on the blanket box positioned at the end of the Bed with the Red Satin Sheets. I started there for fear of being detected and ultimately evicted, but since that Never Happened (except clearly for the instance I was detected and this photo was snapped), I later boldly made my way to the other end of the bed to hang out and relax in style.


On Vacation!

This is me hunting - I mistook the leaf from Aunty Amanda's passion fruit for an exotic, edible creature, that required a stealthy stalk and attack from behind...This is the moment before impact! I was too embarrassed, yes me, to show you the moment after. How could I have got it so wrong, I ask myself... But I thought my stalking techniques had improved dramatically, and I'd appreciate any advice on netting those lizards Every Time!

Moving on to happier tales, my much anticipated and long awaited vacation has finally arrived and I am living the high life at Uncle Paul, Aunty Kim, Miss Tiff and Marlee Jane. I had visited a couple of times before, but nothing compares to actually staying here! The fun started within minutes of my arrival.

I knew the time had come because the day before, She tossed me in the tub, and I was snowy white and smelling too good to be true (that can Always be fixed...). She had packed up my backpack (it's yellow and blue with lots of compartments) with all my important things, favorite toy, purple heart blankie, food bowl and water bowl, clean mat, towels, lead, poo bags and some odds and ends I just can't do without. She also packed up the chilli bin with all my meals, each one carefully dated and labeled with instructions. She does make a fuss, but then, I'm pretty fussy about what I eat.

Anyway, after She got the whole lot together, They tossed me in the car and off we drove. It was very exciting! When I got to Uncle Paul, Aunty Kim, Miss Tiff and Marlee Jane's, I gave a couple of welcome barks and ran off to check all the places I had earmarked in my prior visits as places of interest. But lo and behold, I don't know how I missed it before, but there was this kinda ledge thing with some plants in it, just like my own adventure playground, and I decided to investigate for lizards! Only problem was, it was full of water and mud and fish, who swim faster than the lizards run..., and I Don't like getting my feet wet, oh no! So out I hopped and ran inside to tell Her. And there He found me, sliding all aver Aunty Kim's clean white tiles, unable to get a grip on the floor and leaving muddy, wet trails from the door.

I guess I had a look of considerable consternation, but I have to say, it could not have matched Her jaw drop, deep red hue and general total embarrassment. Aunty Kim wasn't too upset (or so it appeared) and she just tossed me in the tub and started hosing me off. She finally came over to help and since Mud Sticks (She whispered in my ear) I got a very firm rubbing all over in the name of removing said Mud. Anyway, I bounced out of that enjoying all the attention only to find Uncle Paul had in the interim, wisely placed some fencing over the pond, so that I wouldn't try that trick again!
In the mean time, She remembered She had forgotten all my breakfasts, so They had to leave and got get them. By the time They got back, Uncle Paul, Aunty Kim, Miss Tiff and Marlee Jane and me, had had dinner and were on our evening walk. They stopped to give the packages to Aunty Kim, but I just gave them a carefree toss of my head, a casual look back, and continued on marching out in front with Uncle Paul

Now, I am well ensconsed over here. Marlee has informed me in no uncertain terms that no, I'm not the boss and now we all get on famously. I watch TV in bed, I play and I don't seem to get in as much trouble as I do with Her. Only problem is, She didn't pack my camera, so I can't show you just how much fun it is! And the best part is, I still have some more time on vacation!