Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey Everyone

It was my birthday last week and I turned 4! I had a great time. Celebrations started the day before and we went on a Pack outing to Merthyr Park, location of March of the Westies on 30 November 2008.

She baked me some Banana Yip Yaps, although I ate too many and got reflux, so She tossed those and baked me Spanielkopita instead which are essentially spinach and lite cheddar bites. Yuum, although She has a penchant for them too, so She gets one for every one I get, which isn't really fair because it wasn't Her birthday.

I got to pick my own bunch of flowers at the florist down the road, and I chose the sunny bunch to match my disposition. She also played with me and helped me hunt lizards, and I got 2 licks of vanilla ice cream (Very Rare Treat!). I know a border collie who gets to go to the Macca's drivethru and gets a soft serve all of her own on her birthday, but you know, I look pretty good for 4, and I intend to keep it that way!
Now that my Birthday's passed, its that time of year when it's definitely getting warmer and instead of curling up in a comma for a nap, I can unwind and relax sunny side up, as all busy dogs need to do.

I showed you this before, but I made a new friend and now he comes to play every so often. The lizards aren't quite as forthcoming, but that's maybe because I can actually catch them by the tail, and when I do, I thrash them around. After that they stop playing, so they're no fun. Although She's quick to point out that despite all my practice and paths of destruction after a hunt, I have very little to show for my efforts in general. She says it's just as well She's the food dispenser because with my hunting skills, it wouldn't be long before I was back begging for a bite...


Vacation Station

Hey Everyone

I'm back from my vacation at Molly"s House and I had the best time! I had Uncle Brian and Aunty Janet doing my bidding within hours of arrival and they took photos so's I could show y'all what fun it was.

Molly's house is up on a hill with spectacular views and it makes for challenging afternoon walks which happened daily at 4pm after playing all day in the rocks around the pool and getting my face and legs covered in blackjacks. I tried to play with Molly all the time, but I guess she felt a little put out that I was demanding attention from her pack and wouldn't play with me always. I didn't mind though, I thrashed my blankie and toastie about until she wanted to play again. I found 2 great spots to chill on; one on the mat in front of the kitchen sink so Aunty Janet couldn't wash up (although luckily she didn't toss me in there, or out with everything other than...) and the other of course, was Molly's preferred spot at the door watching the world go by and detecting opportunities to bark.

She had packed all my meals and labelled them by day and contents, so Aunty Janet didn't have too much trouble getting me fed. The same can't be said for the rest of my foibles. She had tried to limit instructions for me to a page, which any monkey knows is not nearly enough, so as not to frighten Aunty Janet when I showed up with all my belongings for 4 days. So that's why it was so easy to rule at Molly's house. Aunty Janet thought my meal plan was So Great she asked Her to provide the details for Molly, who has skin problems from time to time. Actually, I'm not so sure Aunty Janet and Uncle Brian didn't want my meals for themselves, they're so good!

Of course, I was allowed to sleep in the bed with Aunty Janet, Uncle Brian and Molly. Stark contrast to my place, where I have never even seen a bed.

I was allowed on the sofa and didn't take long to displace Molly to the back benches. At my house I have my mat and purple heart blankie and I am not allowed on the sofa unless one of Them puts me on Their lap, which is lumpy or knobbly, depending if its Him or Her and I usually try to jump off at the first opportunity...

It was also the best spot for prime time television, although poor Aunty Janet didn't realise she couldn't watch her long awaited John Wayne movie because I actually watch TV and don't like it much when the horses, or any other animal, insect or cartoon character appear and boy, do I let them know about it. So they all had to watch a thriller instead, although when it gets tense and the music becomes scary, I have been known to growl at the threat of imminent danger... I have my favorite advert jingles and other bits and pieces set me off from time to time. She keeps saying She needs a mute button and remote control for me, not the TV, but who knows what She's on about. The TV's my Wii - interactive and for fun!

It was also the best spot to ensure I got lots of cuddles and Aunty Janet was kind enough to make me feel as, if not more important than Molly, although She said disparagingly I didn't exactly give Aunty Janet much choice...being the bossy, demanding, Princess that I am!

All in all I had a great time, although I did give the appearance of being happy to go home, even if it is to a whole Bunch of Rules. I'm looking forward to my friend Jock coming to stay at my house and I really hope Molly will come stay with me too. She's like a Big Sister to me! Thanks for all the love and cuddles Aunty Janet and Uncle Brian.