Bah! Humbug

Season's Greetings to all of you! I wish you all a safe and restful Festive Season. I only put the "bow" photo up because I'm a good sport, it's the season, and I thank my lucky stars Aunty Amanda didn't get a hold of me like last year and dress me up with antlers and bells!

The only reason she didn't is that she's very busy moving herself, Uncle Brian, Eric, Elsie and Max to a new home and they won't be my neighbours anymore. I'd wear the antlers every day if it would make them stay. I'm going to miss them SO much! We were all puppies when they moved in just a few months after me and my house started life together. My house was built for me, but I was just plain lucky they moved in next door.

I know they didn't miss getting dressed up this year either...

I've been trying to enjoy myself despite the impending doom and gloom, and I hope you are all winding down for the long, hot, lazy days of summer. I'm stuck with Him at home all the time, which has its advantages, like our successful lizard hunt yesterday, and it's disadvantages, like sharing my space and not getting hidden treats left in obvious places as distractions for being left alone at home. She on the other hand is in and out, although She does respond more frequently to my demands when She's at home than He does.

I've had quite a few car trips too. The most exciting event that I engineered was a cocktail party. It's not all that hard to imagine. She was in the kitchen making food, which actually only happens when it's for me, so I had a right to think I was up for something special.

The next thing was He hauled out the chilli bin, which usually means a road trip or a vacation that includes, or is especially for me. After all, all my food is personally prepared by Her and its all I'm allowed to eat. Which in itself is another whole story which has its advantages and disadvantages, but I digress...

So what was I supposed to think. He's getting stuff together that looks like a car trip. She's making food AND the chilli bin is out, and so, smart dog that I am, I got excited at the prospect of some adventure. I mean really excited - yapping and spinning and yapping and dancing and yapping and you get the picture!

Anyway, She's wearing a pretty dress (or She thinks so, but She's worried because no one ever compliments Her on it, so now She's not so sure) and He's not in shorts, so I'm thinking only half the cues are in my favor, but if I yap and spin and yap and dance and yap pleadingly with my cutest face, I'll be going for sure! I see Him haul the iPhone out (She hates that thing, because after His bicycle, computer, kitchen appliances, coffee machine and me, She's moving further down His list of favorite things, notwithstanding that's what She ought to expect if She gives Him presents He wants for His birthdays). Anyway, She's shaking Her head and blushing scarlet, while He talks to the iPhone, and next thing you know, I'm loaded in the car with the chilli bin.

I've been to that house before and the people that showed up all think I'm pretty cute. I'm good with children and I behaved. Sadly, I wasn't allowed to eat what was in the chilli bin, but She did sneak me a few tasty treats as reward for my good behaviour. I felt very grown up going to a cocktail party, but I was knackered for a day or too after that! Not sure what they had in the water...

The dress has come out again, but not the chilli bin, so I guess that was the only Christmas do I was able to get myself invited to. That's okay, I'm over it. I think They are too, what with Her being such a fussy eater and Him hating to wear smart clothes in the heat! Only 8 more sleeps until 2010, so hang on to your hats and enjoy the new decade! I'm signing off for 2009, unless a really big story breaks!


Toad you so!

No, it's not a typo, this is an important post to inform fellow Westies of the dangers lurking in Australian Adventure Playgrounds. A timely reminder to stay safe over the summer. We Westies and other terriers were bred to hunt and hunt we do! But, like all highly skilled activities, success can come at a price.

So your Pack Leaders need to be trained to know what to do when our enthusiasm overwhelms our judgment and we come face to face with a Cane Toad! Lucky for my friend Marlee-Jane(seen here on the right with me in the middle and Tiff on the left ), her Pack Leaders, Aunty Kim and Uncle Paul knew EXACTLY what to do and saved her life!

Now, for those who like to read stuff for themselves, follow this link. For the rest of you, here are the important points:
1. Toads gets scared when you get close and release a WHITE POISON onto their skin.
2. DON'T sniff, lick or get so close the poison goes in your eyes - it can KILL YOU (or even your Pack Leader) within 15 minutes.
3. You may get any one or more of these SIGNS: start to salivate, retch or vomit, get a bit disorientated, stare into space, have a fit, have trouble walking, and it could make your heart stop.
4. If the poison got in your mouth, your Pack Leader must WASH AND SCRUB YOUR MOUTH OUT and get rid of all the poison from your teeth and gums using water. The water must go forward OUT of your mouth so that you don't swallow the poison!
5. If you are having a fit, get your Pack Leader to take you to the VET immediately!
6. Toads come out at night, so don't go hunting by yourself then and make sure your Pack Leader doesn't leave water out and they must cover any pools and ponds.

For myself, I've decided to stick to sunbaking:
On the deck

On the grass

On border patrol

And when I can't find a beam:
I just dream of hunting

Or get a bone held for me

Or make my own fun

Or stick to flies