White Christmas!

No, its not what you think! It's about as far from snowflakes as you can get around here. Stinking hot, and She said I stink... yes, I've been doing dog things, as you might expect - hunting lizards and patrolling the garden and playing over at Eric, Elsie and Max's house (more about that later) and supervising the tree loppers.

She leaves the airconditioning on for me during the day, which worryingly is increasing my carbon footprint beyond just my gaseous emissions. But its so hot, and She worries She'd come home and find a Poached Pooch. Anyway, I have my own carbon trading scheme - my poops are environmentally friendly because I eat raw unprocessed food.

Sigh, I digress - so She said I stink and after Her run this morning, She tossed me in the tub for a Pooch Pamper session. She lays out the towel with treats on it, so I can peck away while She gets organised. She leaves the remaining treats in a pile out of reach where I can be sure to see them and She starts by washing my feet, then my tail, then the rest of me with my head last. She stays in Her running clothes because She also gets kinda wet - I mean what does She think, treats will stop me splashing and wriggling and shaking? Anyway, we have fun and we play after for a bit, before She goes and has Her own shower. So now I'm snowy again, just in time for Christmas!

So about what happened to me when I went to Eric, Elsie and Max's house earlier in the week. Now I know Aunty Amanda loves me, but I think she's teaching me a lesson for barking so much when I'm over there.

After all, it wasn't that long ago she brought me that stuff from Hong Kong, and now this....

However, Eric, Elsie and Max had to suffer too, but they told me secretly that she has these "episodes" and they just go with it, because well you know, she loves them and feeds them and chauffers them to their own beach house and all that stuff. So, I figure, if it makes Aunty Amanda happy, I'll find a way for it to make me happy. Eventually.


Boy, Have I Been Busy!

Omigosh - I have been So Busy, I haven't got round to my blog for a while. Well, since I last filled you in on my adventures, an appointment with Teagin at Four Paw was looming ominously on the horizon. To make the most of it, though, I chipped in with a monster lizard hunt and catch just minutes before departure... see the rain finally stopped and I went out to hunt and what with the sun and all, it wasn't long before I detected a lizard on my routine border patrol up near the rain tanks under the water collection bucket for the air conditioner. I yapped excitedly for assistance, because of course the bucket was full and I couldn't be expected to move it. She dutifully came outside to shift it for me, and this time we coordinated our attack well. I was ready to pounce the nanosecond She got to the count of 3. Well, I'm pleased to say the lizard didn't last a nanosecond after that. So there I was, proud as punch, a nose covered in gravel, a face full of lizard and within another nanosecond I was tossed unceremoniously into my crate and off to my appointment, from which I emerged looking decidedly less like the hunter I am...

Notwithstanding the makeover, I was at it again 4 days later. I was home alone, and this dumb lizard decided to pay me a visit INSIDE. All I can say is the Department of Lizard Homeland Security isn't talking to its lizards. It didn't stand a chance. With not a nanosecond of thought to the fact that the cleaning lady had just left and spent 3 hours vacuuming, mopping, dusting and getting the place shipshape, I thrashed that lizard leaving blood splotches on the floor, the walls, the door and my newly cropped face. I don't think it requires much imagination to work out what sort of a response I got when They got home. Of course, the first exclamation on seeing the lizard tail was quite rightly, 'where's the body?', which I might add, I myself had been pondering ever since the actual thrashing. Needless to say, I was hauled unceremoniously into the sink, the floor got mopped, again..., the walls and door got washed and all that, and still no sign of the body. But once again on patrol, I found the body under Her Big Brown Leather Chair, and yapped for assistance. He came to help me, but She would have none of it and made Him get the dustpan and get rid of the remains. Hrrmph.

Anyway, I was looking spiffing for the March of the Westies Walk on Sunday. We went to fetch my friend Molly and Aunty Janet and then headed off to Merthyr Park to get set up. Well, it was pandemonium. She was able to record the presence of 75 Westies and their Packs, and we raised money for Guide Dogs Queensland from generous donations and a raffle.

We also sold Westie Walker caps, which I organised - remember I have been collecting money all year for Good Behaviour? 50c for every "Quiet" on command when I bark, and 50c for every "Poop" on command. Well, I not only raised enough money to be in the 2009 Aspen Animal Shelter calendar with my snow patrol buddies, but I also raised enough to manufacture the Westie Walker caps for fundraising which I have donated to Guide Dogs Queensland too. So between me and Westie Walkers, Guide Dogs Queensland got $729.

Actually, I have done quite a bit of promotional work this year; I inspired the logo for Westie Walkers which was used on the cap, and I had to do some work for di Bella coffee, one of the generous sponsors of the walk. Although to be fair, He buys so much di Bella coffee, He probably keeps them in business... Just this week the Aspen Animal Shelter notified me that the 2009 calendars have been published and have sent me my complimentary copies. I can't wait to see myself opposite my birthday week in October! I also featured in a 'Packs and their Pets' photographic documentary by a photojournalism student, so it's been a busy year in front of the camera.

Just to top my week off, I helped Her mow the lawn. She worked really hard to ensure my Adventure Playground doesn't get out of control with all the hot weather and rain. We had to go to the Mower Center to rent a gas mower because He couldn't push the push mower through the long grass. The Lawn Mower man liked me... and said I was welcome there anytime and he was very impressed with my good behaviour. What he didn't know was what else could he expect at 6:30 in the morning - She'd hauled me out of bed, I'd only just managed to poop and have breakfast before She bundled me into the car to go to the mower center. I didn't know what was going on. I sure hoped it wasn't another trip to the salon... But when we got home, we got straight to work, I highlighted areas that needed serious mowing so that I could get at the lizards easier and She obliged. It was a tough day at the office, and aaaagh, dare I say it, once again, there was reason for me to be tossed into the tub and washed all over again....