Ode to Hamish

Suddenly and without warning, I have to say goodbye to one of my friends. I have known Hamish Arber since 2006, when I founded Westie Walkers. I was hoping to see him this Sunday at the year end Westie Walker social walk for 2009 called "Woof 'n Walk".

Hamish and his pack live nearby me and I often bumped into him on my "duck walk". That's the walk down to the creek where the ducks get fed and round the back under the bridge and past the library and back home. It's a long one, and one I make reluctantly when it's hot. But other times, when I bump into Hamish on the back straight, we commiserate about how our pack leaders feel obliged to take us out walking in the evening when all we really want is dinner! We have a roll in the grass, a good old sniff, perhaps a bit of a play and then it's "see ya later" until next time.

Today, Hamish's Pack Leader sent me an email saying how Hamish, who harbors some distaste for the postie, got out the house, chased the wretched scooter in earnest, and was hit by a car in full flight. I for one admire his determination, a fallen hero, taken down in his prime protecting his territory from noisy strangers daring to cross his path. I'm going to miss you Hamish - my heart is broken.

Ode to Hamish
My dearest Hamish,
You got your wish,
Living larger than life
And heedless to strife,
You grabbed an opportunity
To nab a wretched postie.

But fate intervened
And sadly deemed
That your wondrous courage
Was needed on a Higher Stage,
And so I remember you always fellow Westie
You are simply the Bestie

With much love and sadness, Maggie