Picture Perfect Princesses

I guess I couldn't hide all the zooming, cutting and pasting I did to actually post a picture of Elizabeth, Margaret and Grace all that well! She didn't get a very good shot of the 3 of them and I slaved away on Sunday after the walk, trying to ensure their best profiles were put forward online. I know how disgruntled I get when She serves up photos of me not looking as beautiful as I really am...

Fortunately, King Roland and Queen Helen sent me a beautiful picture of the 3 Princesses, so I thought I'd do the right thing and put it up for all to see!


The Westie Walk

So after letting you all know about heroes Indy, Chloe, Elizabeth, Margaret and Grace (see previous post for details and photos), here's other Important Stuff about the Walk:

It was early, but a whole bunch of you were there before me! In total 20 Westies showed up and 2 regular Wannabes. What a great Play Date you guys, I had SO much fun catching up with old friends and making new ones. Let me start there (that is Junior Westies):

New friend number 1 is only 9 weeks old! On ya Fergus, you Walked with the Big Guys...

New friend number 2 is only 4 months old! Beautiful happy Ruby, whose tail wags so much I was mesmerised. (It's going so fast here you can't see it!) She has a big brother called Frank, seen gathering treats for a really good Sit!

New friend number 3 is 5 months old! Zac is about to have his first Westie haircut and is just recovering from surgery this week, but nevertheless seen here on the left with an eye for beautiful Jessie whose more intent on rehydrating vigorously...

Other new friends included Piper

and Bronson, seen here in the middle saying hullo to Angus' behind saying hullo to me (out of picture!) and Hamish suavely avoiding the whole greeting line by sneaking out of the gate on the right!

Here's Dexter and Perry (who is a Schipperke not a Pom but nevertheless still a Wannabe...) trying to work out how to use the water bowl

but Nolan making light work of his trendy water dispenser and water all in one

And then, good friends Booker and me (on the left),

beautiful Jack and Harry

and delightful Molly

If you were there and can't see your photo, I am very sorry but She doesn't trust me with the camera yet and She did try hard to get Dogs in the photos and not Pack Leader shoes like all the times before. If you have a photo you want up on the blog, send it to me and I'll make you famous!

Westies Rock!

Hey y'all

Hope you're all still basking in the glow of our Simply Social Walk!

Before I go any further, I have to acknowledge the astute perception of Indy and Chloe's Pack Leaders, Trish and Bev (all seen here looking after New Recruit Baby Fergus... and of course, note Chloe is a Wannabe almost Honorary Westie),

and the brave actions of King Roland (on the far left with the hat and striped shirt), Pack Leader of 3 Princesses (seen here) Elizabeth, Margaret and Grace, in rescuing a drowning spaniel whose trusty large DUO (Dog - Unknown Origin) friend raised the alarm by sitting close to the bank of the creek where the Dog Drama was unfolding! Earlier in the walk, the Ragged Pair had looked on enviously at us Westies, hoping to join in unnoticed (what were they thinking, but then again, there are Wannabes everywhere...). Well, they sure attracted attention when DUO friend beckoned Trish over to the river bank on the return leg of our walk a while later, where she saw the poor spaniel desperately trying to get out the creek.

Fittingly, in the year of the Life Saver and on Australia Day weekend (and for those of you who don't know what Australia Day is for...), when ordinary (although Westie Pack Leaders aren't exactly ordinary) Australians are honored for selfless acts and bravery, King Roland launched himself shoes and all into the Creek to ensure the tiring spaniel could continue his unsupervised Sunday adventures. I have it on good authority from My Pack Leaders who went cycling soon after the Walk, that aforementioned spaniel and DUO friend were still wandering aimlessly around the parks in a state of Pack Leader neglect. Hoo Boy, and who thought only cats have more than 1 life!

So after all that, for all the goss and photos from the Simply Social Walk, see next post!


Simply Socialising

So the first Westie get together of 2007 is imminent. I'm looking forward to playing with someone my own size...

Anyway, no sponsor campaign, photoshoots, fundraising, letter writing, flyer making or website design - its quite liberating really, just a bunch of us Westies getting together early on a Sunday morning for a play, walk and chat. I've had a great response to my email - although quite a few are having a long weekend away, there are still going to be about 17 of us on Sunday morning. I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone!


Welcome 2 007!

That's a good pun, isn't it! Read it again if you didn't get it...

Life's been pretty good since my vacation. The Pack continued to hunt over the Holidays, but They were around enough in between things to ensure I was fed and walked and played with. They even took me to see the NY Eve fireworks visible from our street corner on the hilltop overlooking the city.

She succeeded in training me to "Come" when I'm in the Dog Park and preoccupied with other Dogs and Dog Smells and Things that are important to investigate in a Dog Park. While We were on Vacation, They arranged for Meg to come play (like a Personal Trainer) and she showed Them how to be confident enough to let me off my lead on the beach and in the Dog Park and be sure I'll come back. Now it's a win win situation; I get my "$100" treat (that's yellow cheese) and They get me back (although She might dispute that as a win sometimes...)

I've also had an appointment at the Four Paw Salon where I was treated to one of the best Do's I've ever had. She says I look like a million dollars (see above) and I am nice and cool! I have a nice bare belly so when I lie on the tiles I really cool down.

I have also spent quite a lot of time over at Eric and Elsie - seen here with me on the left (my best friends). Eric and Elsie had a pet sitter last year and Eric was nominated pet of the month! Check out his cool photo. Anyway, last week He was away for work and She was working All Day Every Day and so their pack leader said I could come play at their house (its great - no Rules there) and I was sure to be fed on time because She was home late. I behaved myself too, so now I've been invited to go play there one day a week!!