What's a Westie to Do

Well my behaviour apparently still leaves much to be desired. I have been in a lot of trouble lately, but in between times, I have been looking to find ways to improve myself. Luckily for me, I found this good advice, and after indignantly pointing it out to Her, have decided to share it with all my fellow Westies who have a tendency to demand a share in the general conversation. Why, only the other day She said between me and Him, She couldn't get a word in...

Also, luckily for me, I'm so cute, I get away with a lot. When I'm in trouble and looking sheepish and trying not to be yelled at, I notice how She keeps reminding Herself how ugly I am when I'm wet.... I have been spending a lot of time with my Sunbeam to stay out of trouble's way. Its been a little lazy lately, but when it comes out, you can't beat it. I have a great view of my Poo Patch, I can observe the comings and goings through the door, and I can watch the fence for signs of Eric, Elsie and Max.

I can't be in too much trouble because the other day I asked her (loudly) to come play with me in the Adventure Playground and She did. I was happily trotting off to investigate the perimeters, but She kindly pointed out a lizard rudely sitting to my left with his head up and trying hard hard not to be noticed out on the grass. He was quite successful because I didn't see him at all, so I was pretty pleased when She directed me to him. Anyway, I made short work of him! He didn't play for very long and after I tossed him around a few times, he kinda stopped wriggling, so I lost interest. She brushed my teeth for me after too... because She said She didn't want a lizard face anywhere near Her!

Anyway, I live life in the moment and at the moment, I have a lot of important insights into life, the universe and everything which need to be shared and aired! I bark, that's what I do!


Wayward Westie

Hello (said sheepishly). I have been in a lot of trouble lately. And I'm a bit nervous. She threatened to rehome me (She's been quite successful lately, what with Whiskey and Casper getting Pack Leaders from Westie Walker members in the last month or so).

The alternative plan is to put me on the sidewalk in my crate with a sign saying "Free Dog Looking for a Home" (given that She was similarly successful with 4 pot plants recently). But because I'm so troublesome, She isn't so sure that would work, so the sign might say "Will Pay to Relocate"... He says He might get me a citronella bark collar. The options aren't looking good either way!

Now in my defence, the reason I am being so Annoying is that ever since my nemesis Ruckus moved to Runaway Bay, the house next door has been taken over by Kids and Onyx, a black labrador puppy. Every Friday, Onyx's friend Ollie comes for a weekend sleepover and they're allowed to play all night up and down the fence line and in the yard, which they do...as you would. Ollie barks Really Loud and Scary - worse than Ruckus ever did!

Anyway, I'm supposed to sleep at night, but they keep me up and give me frights and make me bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and, well, you get the idea. So They aren't getting any sleep and it does take me quite a while to be certain we aren't in any immediate danger. Max (my NBF, but in the house on the other side) also thinks Onyx and Ollie are scary and he barks too sometimes, so it isn't just me.

Problem is, I've been barking at Onyx and Ollie in the day too. And also at the new dogs 2 doors down, who are the only dogs in the street to bark more than me. They live where Shorty the horse was living; but he's moved on now, and so when I see them playing in Shorty's old paddock, I kinda want to let them know I can. So all in all, She's had enough of me.

But not enough so's we haven't had any fun. Last week She and I got to baking yappetisers from the Three Dog Bakery book that She got from Her favorite bookstore for me, but hadn't got to using yet. A couple of weeks ago we baked Little Eataly Meatballs (chicken and cheese) - I supervised the preparation; monitored the cooling phase; and performed the taste test - see photo series!

Today we baked Spanielkopita (spinach and cheese). I make little parcels to take over to Eric, Elsie and Max because She says the Book says they only keep for 3 days in the fridge and I can't eat them all on my own. You can freeze and thaw them, but my lamb, chicken wings and veggie patties take up so much space in the freezer, She said No Way Jose! Anyway, She likes the spinach snacks, so I hope I get some anyway! I'm going to try and be good, but I don't know....