Poolitical Pooch

(This is my Official Publicity Portrait for November - bears no resemblance to the real me. Hair by Teagan at 4 Paw)

Hello again

I like to be heard. Ruckus, my neighbor knows that. So does the whole neighborhood when he starts barking. I don't usually bark, until he barks first, and then I have quite a lot to say. It's secret Dog's Business, and needs to be said, but it drives Her insane. She always says I'd be the Best Dog in the World, if it wasn't for my barking. But my say is important, whether She agrees or not. I mean, its not like She's opposed to Free Speech ... except when it's me!

But I ask you, has there been enough barking on the Poolitical Stage or what? If you've missed all the Hoo Haa, it's general elections here tomorrow, and you'd have to be barking mad not to know it. There's the grampa guy who goes for daily walks without a dog (huh!?) and arranged all the tax laws to benefit retirees so that he does OK when he finally realises you don't say "Good Morning" on a You Tube video given that the internet is 247365.... and then there's the other dude who's right into You Tube, but for all the wrong reasons. Mainly it's about which of the two wants to squat in a piece of prime real estate at the public's expense, since no-one can afford to buy or rent these days anyway.

So my take on the whole thing is there's nothing in it for Poolitical Pooches, no matter how loudly I bark. If I was running, I'd campaign for the amenities they have in Telluride, Colorado, where Dog's Rule and they have Dog Parking Bays (see Season Feature half way down page) and every shop has a resident dog and dogs are welcome everywhere. I'm just glad I have a home and a Pack and I look forward to my daily Pooscapades, meeting and greeting and putting smiles on people's faces as all Poolitical Pooches should aspire to do! But it's life's simple pleasures that matter, so maybe over the next year I can draw attention to the homeless, and make a difference! I could do more as a Philanthropooch than a Poolitical Pooch, for sure!


Maggie's Kitchen

Well, as a celebrity Philanthropooch, it was only a matter of time before I brought out a series of posts on food. Jamie's done it, Emeril's done it, Curtis' done it, so now it's my turn. And it's a topic close to my heart - food pretty much rules my day. In fact, if Greenwich mean time ever fails, just ask me what time of day it is: breakfast time, kong time, snack time, behaviour time, treat time, (opportunity time - although that's a whole post on it's own) and dinner time.

But first things first. I am closely attuned to the possibility of food coming my way. While I don't mind hunting when I have the chance, inevitably its more reliable to head up to Maggie's kitchen. Chances are, if They're in there, one of 3 things happen: a. I'm either supposed to get something, or b. if I behave, I'll get something for being good, or c. something edible might drop.

I have told y'all about the importance of a BARF diet, but like every Michelin Chef, raw ingredients are one thing, putting them together is another. Now after a couple of years in refinement, and numerous compliments about my shiny coat and bright black eyes, I'll share with you how to get the grub and with it the results. After all, I am what I eat!

Veggies are a big part of my diet. Every day, She takes a veggie patty out the freezer and I get half in the morning and half in the evening. To make a veggie patty is quite a process, and I am crucial to its success. She goes out hunting and comes back with the raw materials. These are - spinach, beans, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, zuchini and beans. Then She chops them roughly into chunks (this can be a moment of opportunity). Then She puts the chunks in the mixermincershredder and then the finely chopped veggies go in a Big Bowl to be mixed up.
Then She weighs out 75G and wraps it in Glad Wrap.

Now some might say this is another moment of opportunity, but its actually my moment as Head Chef. See I am the Floor Supervisor in charge of Quality Control. If (that's usually when, despite Her best efforts) something drops I'm right there, on the spot, focused intently on the task at hand, The Taste Test - flavor, coarseness of the grind, and color - too orange - too much carrot, too green - too little carrot...

Then when all the patties are done She packs them into the freezer. I have my own freezer drawer with all my food. Despite the fact that as Sous Chef, She has the whole process down pat, most times, there is about 25-40G left over; which is not enough to make a patty and too good to waste. So a moment of opportunity presents itself. As Head Chef, I get the left overs in my bowl! I do a good job of licking the platter clean... like all good chefs.


Temporary Update

Hey Everyone!

Wasn't Westies on Parade simply Awesome! I had so much fun and it looked like y'all did too! The weather was great, the attendance was a record and we raised $300 for Guide Dogs Queensland! There were 43 Westies (provided y'all did register on the day...), 2 Wannabe Westies (Squirt and Perry) and 1 Honorary Westie (Chloe)! If Perry comes 1 more time, he'll be an Honorary Westie too! I am busting with Philanthropoochic pride and I can't wait to do it all again next year! Thanks very much for coming and giving so generously!

I think I've put too many exclamation marks in this post, but it's hard to tone it down when I'm so excited! So here's our group photo and sometime in the near future, He'll get the website updated with links to all the photos!


Winners and Grinners

Well Folks

I've been inordinately busy since my birthday on 20 October 2007. So much to do, so little time - so I'll start at the beginning...

First, my 6 degrees of separation story. Hamill got a new home. Now remember just a few short weeks ago, Hamill came to play with me while he was staying with his cousins, my best mates, Eric and Elsie? Shortly after that, Hamill needed a new home. As heartwrenching as that sounds, the good news is, Hamill's a Grinner and his new Pack are Winners!

See, when my Packleaders go snowboarding, They get Cath to look after me. Having Cath look after me, is like being at Eric and Elsie's - no matter how thick the Maggie Manual She leaves for Cath with all the Rules about how to look after me, and believe me it gets thicker every year, I do what I please for the whole time They're away. Even better, generally, I get lots of treats for the things I'd usually be in trouble for... (our secret!)

So anyway, I digress. Over the years, when she's been here to stay, Cath has had to ask Eric and Elsie's Pack Leader to get me off her hands a few times, and in the course of despairing over how to deal with me while They're away, they have become friends themselves. So when Hamill needed a new home, Cath's Pack agreed it's hard not to love the little fella, and so just like that, he went from one of my favorite Packs to another. Cool huh! And we all plan to play together soon!

Now, the next thing that happened is that I've been busy dealing with correspondence and organising the Westies on Parade Walk which is tomorrow! There are lots of wonderful prizes , thanks to our sponsors. I put up a post online and we got a mention in the local paper. We also got invited to go to the WHWT Xmas Party, but I can't go because I've got a busy December coming up!

I organised for my Pack to take me to the beach again, and so we're heading up the coast to some Pet Friendly Accomodation. She's been grumbling about how much She needs a rest and how long it is still until the rest from me (when They go snowboarding) and how if it weren't for me She could go home and visit Her friends and I couldn't take it anymore. So I hopped on line and made the arrangements. We're all Grinners here, I get my beach holiday and She gets a break. Cool huh! I'll let you know when I get back if it was a Winner...

And finally, although October was hot and ugly, November has been blessedly cool. Winning already... but She was the Grinner. She made Him haul me off to Teagan at 4 Paw (I don't really mind because its a Play Date too, after the inconvenient truth of having my hair shorn off) and They had their last laugh. They didn't remind her Not to put a bow in my hair, and lo and behold, I came out looking like a Grrl. Hrrmph. Anyway, She got the photo opportunity and then it came out. I have to say, I did Love the color (a lovely summery watermelon pinky red), but what Lizard is going to take me seriously with a bow in my hair!